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Pakistan’s claim of arresting a RAW agent might be a tall lie. Here’s why…

Last weekend’s bilateral talks between India and Pakistan came across a major bump, when the Pakistani media splashed news of the arrest of an alleged RAW agent in the Islamist country’s Baluchistan area.

Pak officials were scheduled to come down to India to investigate the hand of Pakistani terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad in the Pathankot attacks that took place in January this year.

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Dunya TV broadcasted the image of alleged spy Kulbhushan Yadav, who was caught in Pakistan’s Balochistan area.

As the Pakistani news channel flashed images of the passport of the “Indian spy”, who was allegedly aiding separatist forces in Balochistan, there were certain things that contradicted their claims. Authorities in Pakistan say the man is Kulbhushan Yadav, while his passport bears the name of Hussein Mubarak Patel, a resident of Maharashtra. Yadav allegedly was arrested with an Iranian passport, which on further examination, turned out to be a native permit issued by the Iranian police.

In such scenarios, the normal thing that any nation would do is refute the allegation, and disown the man. But India surprised diplomats not only by accepting that Yadav is an Indian, but also stated that the guy had served the navy! However, Yadav was no RAW agent, maintained India.

A grab of the passport of the spy that bears a different name, raising doubts on Pakistan’s claims.

In the meanwhile, Yadav’s family has confirmed the Indian officials’ claim that the arrested man was an ex-navy man, who had taken premature retirement and was working as a businessman.

Which state divulges so much of information to its frenemy? Such a move is unheard of, and this must have unnerved Pakistan to a great extent.

Pakistan is crying hoarse that Yadav entered Balochistan from Iran to “subvert” the nation’s military activities and propagate terror. But experts are sensing a desperate attempt on part of Pakistan to blame India for sponsoring terror in its western province, much like India has made Pakistan responsible for the Pathankot attacks.

Paksitani army chief Raheel Sharif has claimed that Yadav is positively a RAW agent.

It’s like before India could raise a finger on the upcoming bilateral talks, Pakistan has manufactured a counter-reply in the form of Yadav.

Apparently, India is setting up a port project in Chabahar, Iran. So it is quite likely that several Indians live and work there. Officials in India think that in an attempt to get square with India, Pakistan must have lured the Indian man on pretexts of some business, and then trapped him. That Yadav, the arrested “agent” has military history, makes the spying claim more credible.

Even for a moment if we consider that Yadav is actually a spy, it is quite unbelievable that RAW will send an agent with an Indian passport (albeit with a false name). If they were to send sleuths across the border, they would not want to raise suspicion by showing the agent’s Indian roots. That’s an impossibility and there lies the knot in an otherwise smooth tale.

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