OBCs, SCs, STs and Dalits: A parallel India with dirty, dark truths!

We are living in a country where we kill Dalits, just because they don’t switch off their phones and when we inform the police about the same, they show little concern. A similar case took place in Shirdi, Maharshtra, where a 21-year-old Dalit man, Sagar Shejwal, was brutally killed by upper caste and OBC men for allegedly having a song on BR Ambedkar as his mobile ringtone.

Dalit, Dr ambedkar, Maharashtra

Sagar was asked to switch off his phone from at least eight people, but the victim refused to do that. The animals, disguised as men, hit Sagar with a beer bottle and started kicking and punching him. They dragged him out, put him on a motorcycle and took him away to a nearby forest, where he was further beaten.

Dalit, Dr ambedkar, Maharashtra

Who is responsible for such ghastly act? Is it the police, or is it the upper caste people, who consider Dalits as non-humans? Such animalistic tendencies need to be nipped in the bud, lest it takes an ugly form.  Politicians who play the Dalit card for vote gains, should be held accountable for spreading ancient ideas.

India is full of fundamentalist mindsets. A leader like BR Ambedkar still inspires murder and violence. If a ring tone has the power to incite violence and murder, we should question the credibility of such a personality.