Nexus between Telangana CM Chandrashekhar Rao & baby-bazaar brokers!

“If you had come yesterday, a pair of twins was available at a throwaway price,”‘ Manij said, explaining that they were born to a mother who had two girls already. “Dono bachche ladies, madam. Is liye de diya, saste mein de diya teen-paanch hazaar mein (They were both girls. We gave them away cheap for 3000-5000),” the broker said.

A devious mafia involved in baby child trafficking operates in poverty-stricken Telangana and the State Government appears to be taking the issue lightly.


A crime like the selling of babies is on the rise in Telangana where it is possible to buy a newborn baby girl for a few thousand rupees. Go to the most backward districts of Telangana and you will be easily able to buy a baby from a tribal hamlet. These girls get into prostitution, child labour and there can be even worse coming their way.


Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao was very vocal and aggressive in his demand for a separate state but when it comes to taking action against such inhuman practice, he appears to be missing. There are allegations of nexus between local brokers and State politicians. K Chandrasekhar Rao government was aware of the problem from the beginning but did not take any action. Clearly, with State support, how can this continue for such a long time? It is shameful that young children are stolen, but it is equally shameful, if not more, for the Telangana rashtra Samiti, the ruling party in Telangana to sit quiet and allow it to happen under their nose.

Babies are sold because there is so much poverty in the region. Can one really blame the brokers who do not have the means to feed their own families? Is it not the responsibility of the Government to ensure jobs and minimum financial support so that there is no need to sell human life for a pittance? TRS has failed miserably in its first major responsibility.


Another disheartening fact is that these people are only selling girls. It is only the girls who are a burden for the family? If you are not good enough to handle kids, use birth control measures and if you want babies whatever the sex may be, the baby is yours and you owe them a good life.

Also, the Rape and cyber crime has risen in Telangana, even though the crime rate has declined throughout the country in 2014. The area has also seen communal clashes breaking out time and again. Has the Telangana Government gone completely rogue? The area is developing as criminally-infested. TRS and K Chandrashekhar Rao have promised to take action only after the expose conducted by a leading TV channel. No, not the one where trials take place in studios…


Just like Jonathan Swift, we too would like to put a modest proposal, Now that you have started selling babies turn into a cannibal and start grilling, roasting and then eating your own kids.