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Narendra Modi, a prophet: A sentimental stroke roped in France firmly on India’s side

Sentimental India can be a clever India. Narendra Modi can be many things, but he most certainly is a strategist. He brought in a paradigm shift on January 26, 2016, when he okayed French troops to strut on Indian soil. It has been 232 years since… I don’t believe this would have been possible under Dr ‘do little’ Manmohan Singh’s UPA regime. The French regiment fought for Tipu Sultan in the late 18th century against the British forces…

French troops laid their feet on the Indian soil after 232 years. They fought for Tipu Sultan in the late 18th century against the British forces.

France President, Francois Hollande’s chest swelled when he saw his country’s guardians parade a small percentage of their capability. Modi played well. India and France have suffered together. A self-proclaimed caliphate has caused damage in France and at home – the Paris attack and Pathankot, and more.

Year 2015 has been a red tide of ISIS terrorism. India has not suffered much yet, but there are ominous indications. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi went international with the November 13 Paris attack, ending any lingering hopes that his deadly campaign was regional. Three suicide bombers targeted a soccer match attended by French President Hollande, followed swiftly by mass shootings at several restaurants and the slaughter of 90 people at a concert in a theatre.

Victims lay on the pavement in a Paris restaurant, Friday, Nov. 13, 2015. Police officials in France on Friday reported a shootout in a Paris restaurant and an explosion in a bar near a Paris stadium. It was unclear if the events were linked.
Victims of the November 13 Paris Attack lay on a pavement. The ISIS claimed responsibility for the shootout and blasts that left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded.

The five heavily-armed Jaish-e-Mohammad Pakistani terrorists, who carried out the suicide attack on the key Pathankot IAF base in Punjab, reportedly had ISIS links. More and more Indian youths are being radicalised… The big bloody attack could come any day.

As Muslims worldwide reject al-Baghdadi’s call to death, Obama, Hollande, and other world leaders have promised to attack ISIS territory more aggressively. It is time India joined the bandwagon. India must be a part of the significant effort to locate and destroy him. The lawless and the fanatical in India are gathering in cyberspace to pledge allegiance to this murderer. Digital India could prove to be India’s bane…

French President Francois Hollande, left, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi interact during the foundation stone laying for the headquarters of the International Solar Alliance at Gurgaon, outskirts of New Delhi, India, Monday, Jan. 25, 2016. The solar energy alliance was launched last month during global climate talks held in Paris. Hollande is on a three-day visit to India.(AP Photo/Saurabh Das)
French President Francois Hollande and Indian PM Narendra Modi share a light moment at the foundation stone laying event in Gurgaon, a day before the Republic Day. Modi had decided to invite Hollande immediately after France’s response to the terror attacks in Paris.

The Paris attack prompted France to propose changes to its constitution, giving more power to the police. This happened after hundreds of lives were lost. India can take a lesson and take preventive measures, and not wait for disaster to strike.

The Republic Day always triggers goose bumps, but the show of strength means little because we remain vulnerable. Modi had decided to invite Hollande immediately after France’s response to the terror attacks in Paris. He was impressed by the strength and will of the nation to deal with those who dared to invade.

We have been attacked a few times, too, but have remained soft. Perhaps, this new year will bring in new resolutions.

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