Mumbai has sharpshooters waiting…Delhi Police will get the first bite at Chhota Rajan!

Two Delhi Police Special Cell officers – DCP Pramod Singh Kushwaha and Inspector Rahul – are in Bali right now to finalise Chhota Rajan’s extradition to India. While the security is being upgraded at the Arthur Road Jail for Rajan’s safe-keeping, it will be the Delhi Police that will get the first bite at the underworld don. Not only because there are at least six cases of extortion pending against him in the capital, but also because Dawood Ibrahim’s sharpshooters are a likely threat in Mumbai. Chhota Rajan could be shot before he spills the beans on his former employer!

Chhota Rajan

Although the Mumbai Police must be cribbing at being sidelined, it makes sense. The risks are too large to ignore. It has also been alleged that there are some Dawood sympathisers in the force whose sense of justice could be compromised. India’s most wanted terrorist, Dawood, was nabbed, but he successfully escaped from the hands of Mumbai police, raising fears then that some officers may have been hand in glove with the don.

Bulk of the cases against Chhota Rajan is in Mumbai, but that cannot be the deciding factor in this particular case. The crucial thing right now is to ensure the don is not taken by Dawood’s men, led by Chhota Shakeel.

Chhota Rajan

Rajan says, “The Mumbai Police has been unjust to me, but the Government can keep me anywhere – Delhi or Mumbai. But there should be no injustice done to me. All cases against me are false”. There are over 75 heinous crimes ranging from murder, extortion to smuggling and drug trafficking.

Also, for the sake of India and its security, it would be prudent for the Indian media to be careful in what is being reported. For example, the media should refrain from disclosing the locations and the substance of his confessions. Public disclosures of sensitive intelligence will offer the Rajan hunters enough Intel to work with. It will also reduce the risk of dramatic escapes or attempt to murder.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police can beef up security at the Mumbai Central Jail, where he is likely to be lodged in a high-security block in the jail. In a directive, the state government has asked the jail authorities to hand over the high-security block to Mumbai Police at an annual rent of Rs 1, according to a senior official from state Home department.

Chhota Rajan

As per the order issued by the Home department, cell ‘12B’ has been denotified from the jail category and is now reserved for an “important task of Mumbai Police and will continue to be with the Mumbai Police till the work is over.”