Move over, Sir, we’ll take it from here!

Digvijay Singh, a Congress loud-mouth, infamous for his hostile diatribes against the BJP, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has for once made sense. He says aged politicians should give way to the contemporary lot, and he puts it poetically  – “old leaves fall, new ones grow.” Move the and India has many parliamentarians who are over the age of 70, let alone 65. Perhaps, that’s why India has turned into a gerontocracy, a nation ruled by older, incapable hands. Interestingly, the standard age of most of India’s politicians is 65 years. It means there is whopping age difference between the average Indian and the cabinet – 40 years! It makes sound sense for the veteran politicians to encourage the rise of fresh minds. Unless entrenched ideas and dogmatic belief systems are replaced by new-age, fearless initiatives and action, India will find it difficult to develop.
More than 50 percent of India’s populace is below 25. More than 65 percent are under 35 and the average age of Indians is 29 years. Leadership reflects changing times. Unless the younger lot is injected into our failing political system,  we will remain traditional in our thought processes. Let them be governors, advisors, even presidents, hold ceremonial offices as reward for their long service. But the actual running of the Government ought to be in the hands of the youthful brigade.  Digvijay Singh himself should take leave first. Ak Antony, LK Advani, Murli manohar Joshi, almost all in the CPI (M), Manmohan Singh and so many others. They are all just as likely to suffer from mental degeneration as anyone else. We should replace old politicians with young people, but old politicians must be considered in decision making and guidance. Allowing them to fight elections with the current generation is unfair due to immense generation gap. Best example to support this statement is Bhagat Singh. We all agree that our country would have been so better, if it was run by Bhagat Singh rather that Nehru and Gandhi.
If Supreme court judges, CAG officials, Election Commissioners, Teachers, government and private officials have a set retirement age, why not politicians? If it is their experience, they can be advisors to the younger lot.

Surely, those who overstay in politics don’t do it for serving the nation, they do it to continue to enjoy the rich, powerful and convenient life of a politician. They need to spend time with their family and friends.

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