Arvind Kejriwal used media as a ladder to success: His fall could be as swift as his rise.

It seems like the problems of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) are not going to end soon. The last month was gloomy enough for the Aam Aadmi Party and the start of this month gave the party yet another shock with Kumar Vishwas’s story of ‘illicit relationship’. However, Delhi’s CM is fuming over the media again and that is also at the launch of new media venture.

arvind kejriwal, AAP, aam aadmi party, arvind kejriwal latest news

Arvind Kejriwal is quite good in playing the role of a cry baby; it is always the issue with Mr. Kejriwal to cry over such petty issues, and he generally ignores what is the need of the masses. Take any example and you will realize that we are right and by now Mr. Kejriwal is a pro at playing the blame game. In his 49 day tenure, he blamed Delhi police for not cooperating with the Delhi government when his government was questioned on increasing crime against women in the capital and his answer was ‘dharna’. Similarly, in farmer Gajendra Singh’s case too he blamed the police.

arvind kejriwal, AAP, aam aadmi party, arvind kejriwal latest news

Both of these cases, actually each of the cases that are associated with Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s party is either over hyped by the media or is the conspiracy of rival political parties. That is only Mr. Kejriwal’s belief, according to him media is a bounty hunter and anytime soon they will be dragging Aam Aadmi Party to its grave. Arvind Kejriwal in the launch of jantakareporter.com said that media has taken ‘Supari’ against the party and they are trying to kill the party. Media tends to over hype and produce false reports, news against the party, whatever the case is. May be, Mr. Kejriwal is not aware of the fact that his dharnas and his sleeping act on railway platform were also made public by these ‘unwanted scums’ only. He wants favours from media but he is not at all thankful and grateful to the community.

Arvind has been constantly making statements against the media and this time he completely nailed it, he has went crazy and he said that media is just creating a hype and the “people of Delhi are all satisfied with Arvind’s work” but the case is not so. He said he will work on law and order, the situation is getting worse with daily cases of road rage. Arvind Kejriwal made fake promises to provide free WiFi and there are no signs of work as in now. Arvind go ahead for a reality check baby.

arvind kejriwal, AAP, aam aadmi party, arvind kejriwal latest news

He never appreciates the fourth pillar of democracy but always acts against their freedom of speech. The public trial of the media agencies will be a hurdle in their investigative journalism. There will be no investigative reports and media will lose its most important property, where they report and respond to an issue without anyone else and Mr. Kejriwal for your very kind information they later acquire and develop  the facts regarding it. Don’t know what the future holds, but the dictatorship that is going on in Aam Aadmi Party must not affect the freedom of press.

Also the media needs to take harsh steps and  reveal your truth soon. Beware Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, you will soon be shamed upon if you keep making such statements.