Mango Man, Kejriwal created a mess at Central Delhi!

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It is very much evident from the picture how much trouble the people must be facing. Well, yesterday, Mr. Arvind Kejrival created a big mess at Central Delhi by creating massive traffic jam due to his unrealistic speech in the middle of the road. In which he promised to provide all the facilities at low cost if he get elected as a CM after Delhi elections 2015.

According to him, he will providing the following things to the citizens:
15 lakh cameras will cost Rs. 18000000000
500 schools maintenance will cost Rs. 500000000
Residence expenses will cost Rs. 12 lakh crore
Free electricity will cost Rs. 2000 crore
Free water availability will cost Rs. 500 crore
Free wifi availability will cost Rs. 100000 crore

It is quite shocking to see that Kejrival’s budget is more than India’s actual budget. He also apologised for his actions during his 49-day tenure as Chief Minister of Delhi last year and promised not to quit again. Well, it is hard to trust people again and again.

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