When Lalu turned the other cheek to Baba Ramdev, the warring men became BFFs. Ayurvedic chamaktkar, you bet!

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Brand Patanjali must be doing a tremendous job, for it not only heals and preens people with its Ayurvedic properties, it also has healing properties that can turn foes into friends. Or how else does one appreciate the newly-found friendship between Patanjali Proprietor Baba Ramdev and RJD chief Lalu Yadav?

Surely, the two men buried their previous animosity and Yoga Guru Ramdev visited Lalu at his residence in Delhi for a yoga session. But the event turned into an impromptu modelling session, where Lalu became the model for Patanjali products.

In a cheeky turn of events, Ramdev demonstrated a special Patanjali gold cream on the cheeks and forehead of Lalu Yadav. While Holi is long gone, the yoga teacher thought that was the best way to project his healthy model, espousing good things about the brand.

We also wonder if Ramdev would have been equally demonstrative, had the model been a leggy Bollywood actress, known for her yoga DVDs? He had shown great enthusiasm when the lady had shared the podium to showcase some yoga poses a few months back.

Lalu Yadav has espoused Patanjali products, and has gone on to say, “Ramdev’s soap has my cow’s milk.” We believe you!

Lalu, known for making heaps of money in the fodder scam a few decades back, is fixated on cattle. The irony was not lost on cynics when he declared: “Ramdev’s soap has my cow’s milk.” We are not sure if Patanjali products have ever entered the household of the Yadav family; but that didn’t deter Lalu from promoting the products like a pro.

Not to miss an opportunity to promote his products, Ramdev claimed that Patanjali Ayurved will very soon take on global giants like Colgate, Unilever and Nestle. A man known for his extravagant remarks, Ramdev talks with a school boy’s enthusiasm when he says, “Patanjali products would make shut the ‘gate’ in Colgate. The birds in Nestle’s nest (logo) will also fly away.”

Baba Ramdev has turned around a business, solely based on the idea that India doesn’t need chemical-based products from MNCs, when we can go the Swadeshi way.

Notwithstanding the gimmickry, the Ayurveda company has become a household name in a short span of time, and it is aiming a turnover of over 10,000 crore in the next fiscal. No matter what detractors say about Ramdev, but this yoga teacher has turned around a business, solely based on the idea that India doesn’t need chemical-based products from MNCs, when we can go the Swadeshi way.

I am not a great fan of Ramdev baba, but I do love using quite few items from his brand. Now that calls for a super success business, when even your critics prefer to use your products. And with Lalu as the brand ambassador, we believe Bihar too will give a major boost to brand Patanjali.

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