Kumar Vishwas’ refusal to deny relationship rumours exposes dirty mindset

The political situation in Delhi has become really dirty and corrupt. The integrity and modesty of women are being violated on a daily basis in some or the other corners of Delhi but chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has no time to address such issues. In fact, he is busy supporting AA and despite her urging him to clarify the matter in public, he appears indifferent.

Kumar Vishwas, Arvind Kejrival, AAP

The issue which was started as an internal matter of a political party has completely transformed into a national issue with all the political parties interfering and blowing at the Aam Aadmi Party. When confronted with the question on Kumar Vishwas, Arvind Kejriwal accused the media of running a motivated campaign to tarnish the image of AAP and its leaders. He also called media an unworthy entity, a supari killer. This is beyond our collective imagination, how a man can transform so much into everything he shouted against during his campaign days. It was the media that supported AAP on all issues, it was the media that provided him with documents that revealed corrupt practices. His dharnas and speeches were given maximum coverage. Now, he thinks media is corrupt and paid.

Kumar Vishwas, Arvind Kejrival, AAP

What is Kumar Vishwas’ problem with a public declaration? Why is he avoiding saying a simple statement that has the potential to save the woman’s marriage? Her husband has left her with the child and has said that unless Kumar Vishwas comes out and denies all rumours, she will not be allowed to enter his house. Considering what’s at stake, shouldn’t Kumar Vishwas shed all ego and politics and save a family? If he cannot do that, he has no right to speak about the sanctity of women, ever!

On top of it all, he refused to appear before the Delhi Commission for Women for questioning on flimsy technical grounds. If his intentions were pious, he could have gone there to clear the air and close the matter. The whole situation looks like a daily soap drama, served fresh for your consumption.

Kumar Vishwas, Arvind Kejrival, AAP

Starting a social media war (tweet war) just shows that it is a desperate attempt by the AAP members and leaders to support and cover such a defaming affair.

Is it just a conspiracy structured by Kumar Vishwas? The country is faced with enough serious issues to debate. Issues of illicit relationships is definitely not one of them!