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Kashmir issue to be resolved by 2022, says Rajnath Singh. Can it be achieved?

kashmir issue

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday asserted that by 2022, the government will find a solution to the Kashmir problem, terrorism, Naxalism and the North East insurgency. Singh, who was addressing a programme titled ‘Sankalp se Siddhi – New India Movement (2017-2022) Naye Bharat kaa Nirmaan’, talked about the challenges that the country faces, and presented some rather ambitious goals that the government has pledged to achieve.

“There are a lot of problems – terrorism, Naxalism, the Kashmir problem. Much is not needed to be said about these problems. But I can assure you this much that by 2022, we have pledged to create a ‘new India’. So a solution will be found to all these problems before 2022. We want to assure the countrymen on this,” he said.

The assertion comes in the backdrop of National Investigation Agency’s crackdown on Kashmiri separatists as the region seethes in the strayed rage of its youth.

Singh’s statement reflected another tangent to the Indian political game. Where Congress is seemingly under the danger of a collapse, the ruling party is strengthening its grip on people’s subtle inclinations and interests. As Narendra Modi powers India to an unprecedented stage in the global arena, his aides are ensuring that they don’t commit the same blunders as their predecessors.

This can be attributed to the fact that the home minister brought up the Freedom Movement and made a remarkable reference to Mahatma Gandhi to instill a sense of confidence – which supposedly is better than keeping mum on important issues.

That said, the government would need to deliver on the promises so that it doesn’t join another parable of odd governmental parodies and a mix of clever Jayanto cartoons.

While the government is hardening its stance on several social issues and problems of national importance, a solid stance on part of the country’s Home Minister is sure to instill some fear in the political factions within the country.


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