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ISIS is the monster baby raised by UK and America to destabilise Syria

The Islamist State is a symptom of a political disease, an ailment whose virus was planted by the West. In the past 2 years, this sectarian terror group has made sure that the world sat up and took notice of it. And how did they do this? By resorting to unprecedented stone-age acts of barbarism; executing hundreds of military officials from Syria and Iraq, beheading Western tourists and journalists, and inflicting extreme violence on the Shias in Syria and Iraq.


ISIS, though is rampaging the Middle East, is a monster that carries the label of “Made in America and Britain”. No matter how strongly the UK and US react to the growing menace of the Islamist State, they can’t deny that they had aided and supported the fragmented militant group to keep the trouble in Iraq and Syria under control.

After invading Iraq and executing Saddam Hussein, the US picked the winners and as it shepherded the nation into national elections in 2005, the civil war within the Middle East grew.

It can’t be denied that Iraq and Libya had no ISIS while their dictators Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were alive until the US and Britain invaded in the guise of “do-gooders” and well-wishers”.


America’s secret intelligence CIA and Britain’s foreign secret service MI6 worked under covert conditions in Syria much before the ISIS came into prominence. These two super powers first instigate a small fragment of rebels against the regime, and prop them up with arms and secret military training. But quite so often, their experiment with terror outfits backfire.

As more mails of Hillary Clinton are being published by WikiLeaks, it has become clear that the US played a major role in destabilizing Libya. It was no secret that MI6 had tried to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi in 1996, with the aid of al Qaida’s arm in Libya. The scandal was blown up by a British spy, who had served in Libya.


Many international relations experts have drawn parallel between the erstwhile moderate militants (known as al Qaeda in Iraq) and Saudi Arabia’s way of executing dissidents, by beheading. This Arab ally of the US was practicing this gruesome practice much before their well-fed ISIS members took a cue.

The Western tendency of playing with Islamist militancy goes back to the Afghan War against Soviet Union in the 80s. America had chosen to side with Afghanistan for it saw a golden chance to beat their arch enemy. That was when the US raised al Qaeda. Many years later, America occupied Iraq and instigated sectarian death squads to weaken the Iraqi resistance. Their role was reprised in 2011 in in Libya when former friend Gaddafi was considered a roadblock to the oil reserves.


Terrorism is neither white nor black. It all depends on which side of the movement you are. For all we know, the same ISIS fighters may become allies of the West tomorrow if they take over Syria. Today’s terrorists might be tomorrow’s revolutionary, just at the whim of western policymakers.