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Is Arvind Kejriwal paying the price for being the face of the “aam aadmi”? The Punjab attacks show an alarming trend

Arvind Kejriwal

What is it with Arvind Kejriwal that attracts all the hoodlums to assault him? What does he (not) do that irks people so much to raise an attack on him? Is it the lack of tight security that makes him the victim so often?

Recently, the Delhi Chief Minister’s car was attacked in Ludhiana by protesters. Kejriwal was on his visit to Punjab, when his car was pelted with stones; the attack broke the windshield of his vehicle, but the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader escaped unhurt. Kejriwal was in the city on the last day of his five-day tour of Punjab to reach out to people ahead of 2017 Assembly polls.

Arvind Kejriwal
Kejriwal was on his visit to Punjab, when his car was pelted with stones.

Police said activists from the Akali Dal and Danga Peedit Association were holding a protest against the Delhi CM outside the venue, where Kejriwal was holding a meeting for his party AAP. When the police tried to sneak him out of the backdoor of the hall, the protesters sensed something and blocked his car there, and pelted stones.

Kejriwal alleged that the attack was “orchestrated”; he said the Punjab police did nothing and stood as mere spectators. There can’t be doubt that the assault was planned, because people had arrived with stones and rods. They knew what they were getting into! In a similar incident back in 2014, Kejriwal’s car was attacked and its windscreen cracked as his convoy passed through Kutch in Gujarat.

The AAP leader later tweeted.

Arvind Kejriwal

The question now rises is that how could a state head be attacked so easily, when security officials should be surrounding him and foil any attack on his life? True, the recent assault was not professional, and the Akali Dal might just have wanted to flex its muscles and scare the Delhi CM. But what kind of goons get away after vandalising the vehicle of a state head?

Would this kind of behaviour be possible if it was the CM of any other state? They would be immediately brought to book, and if the violence gets out of hands, in all likelihood, the attackers will be shot dead by the CM’s bodyguards.

Arvind Kejriwal
On April 2014, an auto rickshaw driver slapped Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi’s Sultanpuri area.

I believe Arvind Kejriwal is falling into the trap of his own image of a “common own.” People have heckled him, slapped him, and inked him in the past, all because he is the poster boy of the “aam aadmi.” He doesn’t have a ruling political dynasty’s pedigree, neither backed by overbearing political forces. He is a man of his own making, and quite often, becomes a victim because of this.

We can’t imagine an Akhilesh Yadav, the CM from neighbouring Uttar Pradesh, being attacked like this. He has his boy brigade and his black cats to fend off the pests who tend to move around his periphery.

Akhilesh Yadav
Unlike Kejriwal, Uttar Pradesh CM has his boy brigade and black cats to protect him from harm.

Kejriwal is not my favourite politician; he has his weak spots. But I respect the man for sticking to his guns regarding his personal security. Despite previous attacks, the man chooses not to move with Z security, and it takes courage to walk like a common man, when you know you have enemies, but choose to remain accessible to the general public.

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