India’s worst fear, the honest politician-five worst politicians of India

Let us throw some cold water of introspection this time around – and see how far these politicians have taken us ahead. The 5 worst politicians of India.

Lalu Prasad
Lalu Prasad Yadav stands as one of the strongest competitors in the list. He has a huge liking for fodder. The biggest scam that rocked Lalu’s political career was the fodder scam which involves the embezzlement of 9.5 billion rupees that hit Bihar under his regime. From pushing Bihar to the dark zone to using an Osama lookalike for his election campaign, Lalu has done all that and much more to reign alone in politics.

Rahul Gandhi
Well, he is politically immature and is not an orator. Rahul Gandhi is a worthless immature person who has no knowledge and vision infact he is not fit to become a clerk of any office. He did nothing for the nation, but still he kept on craving to be the PM. Thanks god, he was not elected as a PM. He has been just a momma’s boy.

B.S. Yeddyurappa

He is the former Chief Minister of Karnataka. He is the face of many blatant corruption cases that hit Karnataka. The one that toppled his career was his alleged involvement in the illegal iron ore export scam in districts of Karnataka. A lot of blame game followed and ended up with Yeddyurappa losing his ministerial post last month. Despite his denial, his image as one of the most corrupt politicians of the country will not fade anytime soon.

Mamata Banerjee

She is both arrogant and ignorant. Till now, she is largely seen as an inefficient administrative. Declaring ‘I will make Kolkata, Landon’ but in reality she has made her criminals come freely out of their den and creating a Cyber police to track people commenting against her. She is the Hitler of India, in particular West Bengal. Being a woman she should at least curb rapes in her state. She rebukes and refuses to listen to victims and the grievances of the ladies out there  ( in Kamduni , WB ) . I just cannot believe how she can live peacefully in Writers Building when a girl commits a suicide in her state after being raped twice.


Talking about politicians, how can we forget our very own Mayawati? She has allegedly used her status as chief minister to amass large amounts of personal wealth. She was charged with corruption when the Taj Heritage Corridor Case was uncovered. Mayawati’s birthday had always been media events, where she actually appears decked in diamond jewelry also accepts public donations for which, she often comes under fire.