India’s UN Security Council itch: We should stop chasing the illusive ‘Permanent’ seat now. We may not fit in.

Narendra Modi is doing everything he can. For example, he is appealing to global leaders every time he meets one, and he has met plenty in his relatively short tenure, to support India gets the hot seat. He should stop now. It’s not fitting for a Prime Minister of a country to lobby at every international pit stop. India may not even be ready.

From South Asia to the Middle East, Europe, and America, wherever he has been during his tenure so far, Modi has managed to drum up support through relentless canvassing. The international leaders from Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, the UAE and many more, have expressed their support to Modi because it’s basic courtesy, good manners. Modi should recognise it’s just a meaningless formality, amounting to nothing in the real scheme of things.

Russia has supported India’s cause, but it’s always a flip-flop with the Russians. Only a few days back, they opposed India’s effort to sit at the high table. There is resistance from the US and China, too. It’s just too god-dammed difficult!


Instead of going for an interview for a high-profile job, unprepared, why not get ready first? Why not get our economy, military and social development, among many other sectors, in order before claiming for a rare place in history? India’s appeal for a permanent seat can simply not be entertained, keeping the country’s global stature in mind.

The United States, Russia, France, China and England are sitting pretty, ensconced in their cosy five-star club of veto-wielding all-mighties. They want the number to remain small. Expansion dilutes power, they must believe. They will collectively ensure there is no easy way in.

Imagine India, if it were to be accommodated, sitting next to China. There could be a situation where India and China’s game of one-upmanship spills over to the Security Council table, leading to digressions and misuse of veto power. Both the countries would be eager to oppose each other’s proposals, creating a hostile atmosphere inside the exclusive club.


India should look at Germany and Japan, too, it will give us a comparative perspective. Both the countries deserve to be in, but the Big 5 have been stonewalling their effort. Germany is Europe’s most powerful economy, while Japan is the world’s third! If they can’t squeeze in, how can India?

China will naturally block the attempt. The others have been assuring India of their support but have done very little to show for. They are trying to be politically correct when they say they support us.

Being a permanent member may not even carry any meaning or weightage any more, the top five are determined to ensure.


The five venerable lords of the United Nations have a few differences on the issue of expansion, on how many new members can be inducted, but that will be sorted through vote on September 15. That’s when the present UN General Assembly dissolves. However, there is agreement on one thing, and that thing alone should kill India’s pursuit!

If inducted at all, India, or for that matter any other country that gets inducted, will have no veto power. For all practical purposes, the fresh crop would only be offered comfortable seats, on which they will sit quietly and witness global decision-making, from a distance.

Who wants that?