If Nitish loses Bihar, Lalu would be the single biggest contributor!

Bihar has, for most part, been a gravy train for materialist, greedy politicians. Over 160 Bihar legislators have increased their wealth manifold by virtue of being in power, or even in opposition, in the last five years, as reported by leading Indian dailies. Of course, Lalu Prasad Yadav, the undisputed king of RJD, and Bihar for a very long time, is the shining example of a typical ‘Bihari lootera’.


Lalu might even have been the inventor of the concept of primetime crime reporting, in that he was the meat of the news at 9, or something to that effect in those days. In fact, his legendary fodder scam had captured the imagination of everyone, and every media house ran him 24×7. Images of Lalu Yadav, handcuffed but defiant, is still fresh in our memories.

The Fodder Scam was an ingenious scheme hatched by a corrupt mind that belonged to Lalu. It involved hundreds of billions of dollars that the man gobbled up – INR 9.4 billion, equivalent to US$380 million in 2015, by manipulating fraudulent reimbursements from the treasury of Bihar state for fodder, medicines and husbandry supplies for absolutely “non-existent” livestock!


Elections in Bihar have entered its last phase. Polling ends on November 5 and fate will make and break futures on the 8th. No other State in India reflects intolerance among politicians as beautifully as Bihar does. Here,  there are no rules, there is only hatred for the opposition party.

The rhetoric is cheap and below the belt for most part. But what is appalling is the convenient manner in which adversaries and political enemies are joining hands to keep off one man – Narendra Modi – from occupying Bihar as well. They want to stop the Modi juggernaut and for that, any and everything is fair. What is even more stunning is the large acceptance in Bihar of this public display of brotherhood between Lalu and Nitish Kumar. Congress joined the bandwagon, too, making it an ominous combination. On the other side, BJP has joined hands with Ramvilas Paswan’s LJP. It clearly proves that there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, there are only permanent interests.


Lalu Yadav has been barred from fighting elections for five years, yet shamelessly, he addresses rallies and speaks of communal forces threatening His Bihar. He forgets he has served jail time as a corrupt politician who embezzled millions of dollars during his jungle raj reign. The prospect of a sequel is bad news for a state that is crying for a change.

Nitish may return as chief minister, but if he doesn’t, Lalu Yadav would have had a huge role to play in it. Out of his 11 children that he helped produce in protest to Indira Gandhi’s family planning drive, two are fighting elections without any ground work that it takes for an aam aadmi to even get a ticket. This kind of nepotism is spread all across the State, and they have all been emboldened and encouraged by Lalu’s actions. It’s not tough to follow a leader, especially if he is a patron saint of every unethical politician.


Let the people of Bihar decide, then.