How is Modi Decolonizing the Indian Mind?

PM Narender Modi goes to USA and converses in Hindi. The real Indians are happy, but the one’s blindly following the west would exclaim with superiority “Reverend Modi. Why are you being so illiterate? “ . It’s not what we haven’t heard of before. But what we need to debate about is  whether Modi should do this or not.


Once upon a time a group of well suited people with a tag of being ‘civilized’ came over to the ‘barbaric’ place of India and flooded the territory with its extravagant culture. They used the tool of language as a means to impose their culture and guess what, they succeeded. Now we have the entire India hailing before the father in a ‘temple’, speaking English, wearing a multicultural dress. WE ARE NOT INDIANS. WE ARE HYBRIDS. But we don’t mind that dude.

Talking about politicians, they have to speak in the language of the Universe – English. Why? Well, because English is the language of our colonizers. The sun never sets in Britain and we would never even make it set. Humility is the essence of Indian Culture and so we are going to allow the whites to rape our psychology and language. The wealth is already lost and now we need to let them take over our minds. The benefits of being a post-colonial uncouth country ! : D


Well, because he has a thing up there known as BRAIN. He is not going to be a part of the herd and portray himself to be a sophisticated person. Reason being he is not a fool like us who would allow the principle of hegemony to work. He is well aware of the fact that there was once a colonial rule in India and its aftermaths are going to remain until we try to decipher this hegemony.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the source of inspiration for Indians. You surely need to learn from him. We are not sure if has read about Homi K. Bhabha and Ngugi, but he certainly knows how language acts as a medium to subjugate a culture. He knows that today, the Indians stand at a pandemonium of chaos where they can witness the hybridity in their very psychology of their society. We are hypocrites for we follow our ‘religion’ at home and their religion when we go outside. Why?


Linguistic Imperialism
Language imperialism refers to the transfer of dominant language to other people. But why do we need to let this happen? People in France converse in French. People in China communicate in Chinese. People in India communicate in ENGLISH. ‘Dumb witted’ is not the word we want to hear when we spot the word Indian. So, people – you should be proud of being an Indian and start talking and walking in Hindi. Learn English, but don’t show it off. Show off your own culture like Narendra Modi and go on to deliver a speech in Hindi language at Maddison Square. Hindi language along with Sanskrit is being taught in different countries, but it is losing its importance in India. The need is to re cement the language and to follow the footsteps of our Prime Minister who is decolonizing the Indian Mind.