How bizarre! This untamed lady MLA went on a rampage in the Bihar Assembly. And she wasn’t even drunk!

The Monsoon session has been a washout so far. The Congress party, insignificant in number but high on destructive attitude, continues to hold the parliament hostage. The logjam, incidentally, has inspired an independent MLA from Bihar, who made a mockery of India’s parliamentary democracy recently.

Jyoti Rashmi went on a rampage in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, destroying mikes and overturning tables and chairs. Seemingly psychologically disturbed MLA had been protesting against the consumption of liquor in the State for days. Naturally, her demand for ‘prohibition’ was straightway denied by the Speaker.


When the BJP MLAs walked out of the Patna assembly, agitating against the worsening law and order situation, the MLA from Dehri went berserk!

After removing and throwing away her headgear, Jyoti Rashmi ran amok, causing damage to chairs, tables, mikes and other House items. The members of the assembly tried to calm her down, but mostly enjoyed the disgusting, yet entertaining spectacle. The MLA-gone-wild even destroyed the mikes of five JD (U) members.

Rashmi has a rich history of facing disciplinary actions and suspensions. Her unruly behaviour in the past has drawn strong reactions from all quarters, but the maverick politician doesn’t really care.