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Hindu Sena continues to derail peace prospects between India and Pakistan. Attacking PIA is its latest instalment of disruption

Members of the extreme right wing group, Hindu Sena, are easily one of India’s fiercest Pakistan-haters. They may well even kill an innocent Pakistani if they could get away with it.

On Friday, the self-proclaimed champions of Hindus broke into the Pakistan International Airlines office in Delhi, vandalised, and then ran away like criminals when the police were called. Typical Hindu Sena!

Hindu Sena

There were reportedly four goons, but only one was caught. Hindu Sena chief, Vishnu Gupta, brazenly accepted responsibility for the attack, and spewed: “Through this act, the members of our Delhi unit have sent a message to Pakistan that they should respect our sentiments…” Gupta said the vandalism was the group’s way of expressing anger over Pakistan for the recent attacks at Pathankot air base, and at the Indian consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Men like Vishnu Gupta belong to a breed whose foundation is built upon extreme dislike for those that don’t toe the Hindutva line. In a country that is secular in its fabric, Vishnu Gupta and the likes should have no place. But they do.

The Hindu Sena chief was arrested under charges of being party to a criminal conspiracy, rioting, trespassing among others. He has a history of creating chaos. Gupta was arrested last October, days after his complaint that “beef” was being served at Kerala House canteen was found to be false.

Hindu Sena, Vishnu Gupta

Hindu Sena ought to be banned. India is a secular country and the Constitution is secular. People like Gupta are a minority lot, the general people of India do not agree with hardline views any more. The problem with Pakistan can only be resolved through political dialogue, not through reckless sabotage of peace process.