Hema Malini was a victim of the accident, not an offender we have turned her into!

Think before you point fingers at Hema Malini. How could Hema Malini have done anything about the injured family in the Alto when she was as injured as the others? The Congress party and the other critics are saying that the former Bollywood queen and BJP MP, whose Mercedes crashed with a Alto that was coming from the wrong side, was indifferent to the death of a small girl child. The Congress party has already made it political.

Are we so naïve to think that it is Hema Malini’s fault? The truth is staring at us but we pretend not to acknowledge it. We are responsible for the death of that girl child. The moment people discovered it was Hema Malini, they stopped caring about the other car and its occupants, a grievously injured family. The people were so intoxicated by the star power that they didn’t stop for a moment to pay attention to the other injured people.


Everyone gathered around the smashed Mercedes, trying to catch a glimpse of their ‘dream girl’. Even while the family screamed for help, people largely remained deaf. Everyone was busy getting Hema Malini to the best hospital, while a few took the injured girl to a local, ill-equipped hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries due to lack of medical facility.

Why didn’t people have the common sense to take the critically injured girl to the same hospital where Hema Malini was taken? They couldn’t have been denied attention for lack of money because the family was part of the accident in which Hema Malini was involved, too. The hospital would have been legally-bound to attend to the patient first, keeping the financials for another day.

Hema Malini, Salman Khan, hema malini accident

At the end of the day, its not about who was driving wrong, its about what we do for the injured. We acted late in the small girl’s case and she paid the price with her life. We took her to the wrong place. The response time was delayed because everyone was enjoying the spectacle around the Mercedes, some eager to catch a glimpse of their favourite star.

Hema Malini, Salman Khan, hema malini accident

In fact, the moment Hema Malini became conscious enough to speak, she offered immediate assistance to the injured family, both financially and otherwise. She didn’t really have to, since it wasn’t her fault. But she took the responsibility and did the right thing, It is us who have failed. There was a large crowd and people should have split. They should have immediately taken the family members to an equipped medical facility, rather than dumpoing them in an ill-equipped facility.