Has Baba Ramdev become too powerful to act against?

Ramdev Baba simply cannot help it. The yoga guru has been accused of creating a male chauvinistic atmosphere after a label on one of his herb products claimed to help in conceiving male child. It is called ‘putrajeevak’ and if taken, increases the chance for a woman to have a baby boy. In a society where a girl child is still seen as a burden, such insensitivity on Ramdev Baba’s part is disgusting and exposes his crude and dated mindset!

Janta Dal United’s KC Tyagi, who has an impeccable record as a parliamentarian, raised the issue in the Lok Sabha and was supported by parties from all sides. The health minister, JP Nadda, has promised investigation and it seems as if Ramdev Baba’s insatiable greed will soon be revealed.

The worst part about Ramdev Baba is his lack of humility. He simply refused to accept that there may have been an oversight on their part. On TV channels, he appeared frustrated and repeatedly kept saying that he is right, that the word putrajeevak is a Sanskrit word and cannot be changed! Well, in that case, he must get his licence cancelled and apply for a fresh licence with a different, more sensible name.

He kept using weird, stupid logic to justify the unjustifiable. Ramdev Baba is a man whom Haryana government has appointed as brand ambassador and a person considered for such a post should be ashamed of such a move.

Ramdev Baba

Baba Ramdev is no longer spiritual and a yogi. How can he be? His mind is so mixed with so many issues that are political and religious in nature. He has become completely commercial and could be selling rat meat encased in a pill and we will be none the wiser! A thorough investigation should be launched into his various ashrams. The food authority of India has never given credence to Baba Ramdev’s ayurvedic meds but there are still people in millions who follow him blindly.

Ramdev Baba also attempted to defend himself on Twitter.

Ramdev Baba

Ramdevmedicines.com, a website selling Baba Ramdev’s medicine like Putrajeevak, stated: “Divya Putajeevak seeds by Divya Pharmacy help make a female potent to conceive a child.” But the packaging does not mention the same about the Baba Ramdev Medicine.

Jaya Bachchan raised a question that should have been raised way back in time. Jaya Bachchan is the grandmother of a girl child and very well knows the importance of girl child and is aware of the fact that Ramdev Baba is a cruel man who just wants to earn money. He bravely announced that he will adopt Nepali orphaned children. What has he done so far about it? It is easier to make tall statements but it takes honesty to execute it.

Ramdev Baba

The tragedy is that the issue will die a natural death and nothing will have changed. Ramdev Baba will continue to come up with innovative medicines and people will continue to blindly follow him.. In a country where Beti Padhao Beti Bachao campaign is running, people promoting such hazardous medicines should be banned.

Baba Ramdev has political connections, he has incredible, unaccounted for wealth and is quickly gaining reputation as a mafia-like figure. Such men are dangerous and should be stopped in their tracks!