Ganga has turned deadly! Can you believe there is fecal coliform bacteria in the water?

On the one hand, we worship the Ganga river as goddess, calling her Maa Ganga – or Mother Ganga. On the other hand, we rape her, infect her with dead bodies, and wash off our bodily waste in it. Are we out of our minds?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged to have Ganga treated and cleaned up. She is in ICU right now, having suffered terrible fate. Can River Ganga survive the mass rape?

After a person is cremated, his remains are released into the Ganges because it is believed it purifies the soul. We throw human remains into the river, looking for salvation. Sewage generated by cities and towns is directed into the river, making it toxic and ultimately fatal. The Government has clearly ruled that no construction can take place within 200 meters of the river bank, but indiscriminate encroachments and housing clusters have made life more difficult for Ganga. Cabinet minister Uma Bharti has her task cut out and unless she takes some stringent measures, Ganga will forever remain impure and infected.

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In Varanasi, there are restaurants and guest houses along the banks, but the Akhilesh Yadav Government has failed to take any action. We dump garbage, we wash away our bodily waste and even take away ganga water in bottle for consumption during puja.

I wouldn’t drink that water even to save my life. I am not an idiot and I am not blind. Medical experts and environtalisst have warned of the presence of fecal coliform bacteria in the water! Here’s what it means. The hundreds of thousands of devotees who drink Ganga water, thinking it would rinse them clean of all their crimes, are either low on intelligence or are cocky enough to believe ‘Ganga Maiyya’ will protect them from all diseases. Well, Ganga Maiyya hasn’t saved one till date. Many devotees have developed health complications, but are still blind to it all.

Ganga is a trap. You go there and bathe in it at your own peril. The water has been contaminated with the fecal material of man or animals, how can I allow that water to even touch my body? It is already affecting the aquatic life.


The Government announced the setting up of an ‘Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission’, called “Namami Gange”, and a starting sum of Rs. 2,037 crore has been allocated in the Union Budget 2014-15. “Clean Ganga Fund (CGF)” is also in place, with charitable contributions from residents and Non-Resident Indians. These measures have always been taken by various Governments. The effort will fail if we, as citizens, don’t support the initiative. We are the ones who dirty it, we are the ones who empty everything into it.

Unfortunately, Ganga has become the new route for the supply of arms and ammunition. Uttar Pradesh and western districts of Bihare fast replacing Mumbai and Ahmedabad as the biggest illegal arms bazaar in the country. This is normally done at around 11PM, when they put guns in the basket and cover them with roses. Approximately 10 baskets are shifted to the boat and it takes three men to move those baskets. They are covered with jute bags and tightly sewed off.

The boat moves at close to 30 kilometers per hour, trudging past small settlements. The route being taken does not seem to pass any important town or city, making the boat almost undetectable at night. River patrolling in Uttar Pradesh is almost non existent.


Police say that the sophisticated and highly professional weapons are supplied to different parts of the country through UP’s Gorakhpur, Azamgarh, Sultanpur, Varanasi, Basti, Saint Kabir Nagar, Faizabad, Bahraich and Jaunpur districts.

As far as the religious connection goes, I don’t believe my sins will be washes away by bathing in dirty water. My sins may be washed away if my karma is right. If I am compassionate and caring to others. If I stay on the path of righteousness. My connection with God is spiritual.