Having an extra marital affair is a personal choice, says married CM Manjhi


He’s known to shoot off his mouth before and seems to be very open about extramarital affairs, because according to him there is nothing wrong in extramarital affairs. He seems to be very open about the relationships. This time Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi has outdone himself.
According to Manjhi “Only 2-5% men go on outings with their wives. Others go out on dates with other men’s wives.
“There is nothing wrong in having a girlfriend. If you go to Patna’s Eco Park it’s not only unmarried people who are hanging out together.
“If both the man and the woman are adults and their relationship is consensual, there is nothing wrong in having an affair. This a personal choice.”
Manjhi made this comment in the context of his own son being caught having an affair with a married police woman in August 2014.
That’s not the only controversial comment Manjhi made in the interview. He also said that: “As a chief minister I would forgive a poor person if he is caught indulging in black marketing and hoarding. He doesn’t believe in giving punishment to poor people. Punishment must have discretionary quota. According to him, if poor people are able to earn money in wrong doing then it is perfectly fine. “The law must come down on the rich thieves and not the poor”.