Even if Kejriwal had willingly hugged Lalu Yadav, it was still okay. It reflects tolerance, an element steadily disappearing.

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The hue and cry about Arvind Kejriwal hugging Lalu Prasad Yadav, who resurfaced from almost a political oblivion, has faded away without any consequence, like it was meant to be.

Arvind Kejriwal

Why do we even bother to care who is hugging who? Haven’t we hugged enough people with corrupt backgrounds ourselves, and we have also hugged people we have hated at one time. If it’s possible to forget the differences and move on, why not? The only difference between Lalu-Arvind and us ordinary folks is that we are not popular enough to be on television. It’s ok to hug the person who has been your foe, it will only make us more tolerant, a sentiment that has gone missing in our society…

Although the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has claimed that Lalu Prasad had “pulled and hugged him” at the swearing-in ceremony of Nitish Kumar. Even this, Kejriwal’s betrayal, might not have affected him, though. Lalu Yadav is a hardened politician, there is no space for sentiment in it.

Arvind Kejriwal

Lalu Prasad Yadav could be feeling angry at the public outcry. The social media is abuzz with the hug between an honest political fledgling, who remarked how corrupt Lalu is, and the man himself. Any other politician would find it deflating, but not Lalu. But then, Lalu has not reached where he has by being emotional about public perception. He is a hardened political animal who loves ruling the Biharis, this way, or that. If he couldn’t come to power in Bihar, he has somehow managed to emerge as the largest single party. This means Nitish has a headache on his hands and we’ll see how it unfolds..

Arvind Kejriwal

Rashtriya Janata Dal chief’s son, and Bihar deputy chief minister, Tejaswi Yadav has dropped his hat in the ring, and tried to explain the meaning of the hug, obviously in defense of his father against Kejriwal’s claims that he was forced. He says hugging a guest was part of ‘sanskar’ (tradition).

He should have refrained from indulging in matters between two seasoned politicians, and only the duo is qualified to comment on what and why it happened. In any case, Lalu Yadav has hardly maintained any sanskars and traditions and it is a reported fact.

Arvind Kejriwal

Hugging is a reflection of having scope, at least, to be tolerant. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shaken hands and hugged Kejriwal. US President Barrack Obama kissed and made up with historical enemy Cuba, and they hugged. We all hug because there is potential in it for peace. Those who believe otherwise are missing the point.

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