Ensure that the 80,000 crore package for Kashmir serves its purpose…promises are having little effect!

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Narendra Modi has spent a major chunk of his time, as Prime Minister, visiting numerous countries of this world. Armed with futuristic agenda, Modi deployed the blitzkrieg strategy of uninhibitedly placing requests of various kinds to a large number of countries. From striking personal rapport with western, Asian, African countries, to lobbying for ‘Make in india’, imploring Indian Sub-continent nations to align with the democratic India, rather than looking East. There definitely will be dividends of such aggressive marketing for brand India, but the pitfalls are greater, and embarrassing. Looking within is the need of the hour now. Domestic issues are growing darker by the day and unless Modi focuses on India, the future looks bleak.

Prime minister Narendra Modi addresses the rally at Sher-e-Kashmir cricket stadium in Srinagar. Express Photo by Shuaib Masoodi 07-11-2015

During his recent visit to Srinagar, PM Modi addressed thousands of Kashmiris, saying, “Don’t think Rs. 80,000 crore package is the limit. This is just the beginning. There won’t be any dearth of money. Not only are our treasury but our hearts also open for you.”

Though Modi visited Srinagar for the first time since BJP came to power in the state, his dreams for Kashmir were clear. We claim that Kashmiris are an integral part of India, but when the Prime Minister talks about investing 80,000 crore in J&K, we end up criticising him and the Muslim population. But those who criticise him have some basis.


Last year, Narendra Modi promised 1,000 crore for victims of floods in Jammu and Kashmir, but there was no real help provided. Now, with the announcement of investing 80,000 crore for J&K, the reliability of this statement is questionable. The real question should be: When will Modi’s ambitious project take shape?

His visit to Kashmir blocked common man’s life from 10 a.m till the time PM left the valley. Mobile internet services in Kashmir Valley were blocked prior to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally as a precautionary measure. This ‘high profile visit’ interrupted the lives of Kashmiri people. Modi has visited almost everywhere, from Nepal to UAE, to other sensitive nations, but there was no such interruption in the normal lives. By blocking the internet services, one can say the Government doesn’t have faith in its people.


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