Dog bites man: VK Singh says sorry for the terrible remark, makes no impact. Congress & others still want him fried.

General VK Singh gave a terrible analogy while responding, rather reacting, to the charge that the Government was insensitive to the killings of two Dalit children in Haryana. He drew a shocking parallel to ram home the point in the form of a bitchy example: “The central government cannot be held accountable for everything. If someone throws a stone at a dog, the center is not responsible.” The Union Minister of State for External affairs will have realised by now how tough it is to lead a civilian/political life.


He was trying to say that for every mishap that takes place in various parts of India, the Center should not be dragged and held responsible. It should first be the duty of the State Government to investigate and resolve the matter. If needed, the Center can step in. He could easily have given the example of a bird, tiger and the likes, and it would have been just fine. We wouldn’t have gone beserk with our reactions. But he didn’t, he chose dog, and that is terribly insensitive! For that, let’s not ask for his head.

Those calling for Singh to step down should think before opening their mouths. VK Singh has served India for a good part of his life. He has patrolled our borders, killed terrorists who intended to bomb us, and like many other army officers and jawans, ensured we slept peacefully at night. If a man like VK Singh makes such statements, he should be quietly made to realize his mistake, not sent to the gallows for it.


He retracted his sentiment, which was never intended to equate Dalits with dogs in the first place. He has apologised, so rather than lingering with what one man said, the politicians should look into the crime, and press for swift delivery of justice.

He said: “My statement wasn’t intended to draw an analogy. My men & I put our lives on the line for the nation irrespective of caste, creed & religion.” The attempt at damage control has failed to check the tide of condemnation, though. Opposition doesn’t forgive, and let it go.


Mr. Singh has got a good bashing from the government. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said: “Ministers must be careful while making statements. We cannot get away by saying that the statement was misinterpreted or twisted.” There is definitely a need to arrest this growing trend of speaking rubbish, but it’s important to separate a VK Singh from a Sakshi Maharaj and Yogi Adityanaths of this world.