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Why doesn’t Delhi include “even” women in its Odd-Even scheme? Don’t our cars pollute the air?

The Odd-Even Rule is back, and I can’t help but let a big sigh of relief. The rule will cut the traffic on Delhi’s busy roads into half, and thousands of people will be back to travelling with their colleagues to their offices. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is doing it right, and the results are showing.

The first round of the Odd-Even rule in January had gone off well, and the success is sure to be manifold during the second round that started on Friday. Nothing much has changed this time, except an exemption for those parents ferrying their children to school.

Arvind Kejriwal
Why would Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal exclude women from the odd-even rule?

That must be quite some respite for mommies and daddies whose kids had to stay at home just because their car could not be driven on Delhi’s road that day… No more bunking classes for kids on any day, odd or even.

While all this is quite fine, what I don’t like is that women have been exempted from the rule. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a woman and for women empowerment. But what I fail to understand is why Arvind Kejriwal would exclude women from this awesome rule! Doesn’t he feel “even” women should be included in the Odd-Even scheme?

Why is this “untouchable” attitude towards men? Does the CM think that only men’s vehicles pollute the environment while women’s cars throw rose-scented moisture into the air? Since this is not the case, I believe it is high time Delhi treats its women equally, and include them in the scheme the next time.

Instead of sticking to a half-month schedule, I strongly believe that the Delhi government should make the Odd-Even rule a permanent thing.

I am really tired of driving my car in the congested roads. And today, as I drove at decent speed for my office, my feet didn’t hurt because of the absence of constant gear shifting. Steering the wheel seemed like a cakewalk. Instead of assaulting my car’s gear box in just a stretch of 1 km, I drove around 5 kms in top gear with lesser roadblocks.

That’s the beauty of the Odd-Even Rule. Instead of sticking to a half-month schedule, I strongly believe that the Delhi government should make it a permanent thing.

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