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Digvijay Singh should avoid speaking for Gandhi family. It boomerang’s!

Digvijay singh

Digvijay Singh may have put the Gandhi family in an embarrassing situation. In an interview to ETV, the senior Congress leader clarified why Rahul Gandhi will not apologise for his comments holding the RSS responsible for Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. And it was rather a simplistic one.

Digvijay Singh said, “Rahul Gandhi will not apologise on Nathuram Godse issue and will face the trial. Gandhi family has never apologised in history.”

Digvijay singh
Is it just dirty politics over the nation’s great who left us ages ago?

Never apologised in history? Did Digvijay Singh unwittingly burden the Gandhis with possessing a sense of false pride?

The Supreme Court had given Rahul two options: Apologise to RSS for unduly bringing them into disrepute, or face trial. We can assume that, at hearing the verdict, the young Gandhi would have been nervous. He would have consulted his hand-picked coterie of yes-men. Like all yes men do, this lot apparently played to Rahul’s ego. How can he say sorry even if he was wrong?  He is Rahul Gandhi, of India’s most celebrated family. Instead of advising him to tender an explanation, at least, an act that would have put him in good books, they instilled in him an unbending attitude.

Digvijay singh
Nathuram Godse left RSS 20 years before killing Mahatma Gandhi

I am not a big fan of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, but I am not biased against them either. Nathuram Godse had left the RSS almost two decades before the assassination. RSS was not connected to the murder. So, to drag their name in time-wasting debate smacks of political opportunism. Kashmir is burning. Floods have devoured many villages and towns. ISIS is spreading its tentacles to India. Dalits are being tormented…

Who cares about the conspiracy theories around the Mahatma’s death now? A great man is no more, not for over half a century. Generations have passed. But the Congress has not let go of its tendency to recycle dead and buried issues.

So he’d rather face trial. He’d rather waste court’s time over a non-issue. He’d rather continue to believe that he is walking the right path. Former Congress president Sitaram Kesri had associated the RSS with the murder of Mahatma Gandhi, and he had to apologise. Another leader Arjun Singh had to frequently visit the court.

Digvijay singh
Digvijay Singh, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress

Rahul Gandhi is not above all. In fact, he’d be surprised to know how below-par he is. If he wants to change people’s perception about Rahul Gandhi, he should start by saying sorry.

I believe people are not too keen to apologize for both psychological and strategic reasons. Psychologically, apology means admitting mistake, which can threaten our sense of capability and self-worth. Strategically, we may fear that apologizing will open us to liability, expose our flaws…

Rahul Gandhi seems stricken with both.