Bheja frying now with frequent beef calls, but Delhi Police pre-empted what could’ve led to communal flare-up at Kerala House.

A majority of India sees the police involvement at the Kerala House as raid, quite a few others see it as preventive action. Remember, the man who sparked the controversy belonged to the notorious Hindu Sena, the trigger-happy, self-proclaimed guardians of cows and buffaloes, and all things Hindu. Beef has already claimed multiple lives. Perhaps, the cops should have ignored the complaint, and only gone to the site after violence had broken? Because rest assured, if the police hadn’t intervened, Vishnu Gupta, along with his likes, would have taken the law in their own hands… The memory of Akhlaq’s lynching is still fresh in our collective memories.

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Nearly 20 policemen entered the Kerala House, property of the Kerala Government, after Vishnu Gupta lodged a complaint, saying that the canteen at the guest house was serving beef. The word beef was enough to force them into action, and why not? If they hadn’t gone and made stern enquiries, because beef is banned in the State, they would still have been criticized for not being pro-active in sensitive matters.


As a result of the overwhelming presence of cops, there is politica storm brewing. Congress and other parties have decided to take it up in Parliament. Obviously, what else is there to discuss and debate? There are no real issues they want to take up, only ones that involve emotion.

The Hindu Sena had alleged on Monday that Kerala House was covertly serving cow meat, as a handwritten menu said “beef fry,” the only item listed in Malayalam. It was in fact buffalo meat, said an angry Kerala chief minister, Oommen Chandy, in a scathing letter he shot off to the Prime Minister.


Police commissioner BS Bassi says the police’s action was standard operating procedure. Did they cross a line in the process, could they have been more subtle and sensitive to the rich and powerful dining and wining at the guest house? Also, why was the ‘beef fry’ dished pulled out from the menu if they were following rules? It has become too political to make any sense.


BJP leader and Urban Development Minister, M. Venkaiah Naidu, batted for the cops, ruling out any connection between the police raid and Indian federalism. “Where is the issue of federal structure? I am unable to understand. The information I have is some fellow wanted to create a scene. The police got information and they just went there to inquire. A person who is suspected of doing this has been doing this earlier also,” states Mr. Naidu.


For Arvind Kejriwal, the incident was a potent weapon, to be used against his nemesis, the Delhi Police. He has called it ‘forced’ and ‘indecent’. May be it was forced, but it was necessary. AK 47, as he should be called, for his attacking style, would have eaten the cops alive had any untoward incident taken place in police’s absence, all hell would have broken loose. Kejriwal turned emotional himself and said that the Delhi Police is acting like BJP-Sena. This low-level muck throwing is typical of our adored politicians, and Kejriwal has learnt the art in very quick time.

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