Dawn of a new era in Bihar? Nitish Kumar surrendered to everything he stood for. Now, the ship may have sailed!

With the announcement of dates, the Election Commission has set in motion the dirtiest battle Bihar will ever see.

In a little over a month, Bihar will have a new chief minister, and if surveys and polls are any indication, and common sense prevails, BJP will emerge as the strongest party!


The Election Commission has announced the dates for the much-awaited assembly elections, which will be held in five phases between 12 October and 5 November. With it, the stage for the biggest, dirtiest and no-holds barred battle for the throne of Bihar has been put into motion.

While reflecting on his decade-long tenure, Nitish Kumar must be thinking how time passes by. 10 long years, gone! Now, the conditions have changed drastically. Sentiments have transformed, Biharis are more sensible today. They see the compromises he has made just to keep BJP away. They see his desperation, and they feel sorry for him.

Whoever wins, the Narendra Modi-led BJP will come out as the pre-eminent force. From being number four party in Bihar, BJP has come up the ranks and positioned itself as a force to reckon with. However, the manner in which the game is being played, it’s BJP versus the rest, which is tragic. It cancels out all the development work achieved previously.


The coming together of Messrs Nitish and Lalu Yadav has also made little sense. Sworn enemies, ready to kill at the slightest trigger, are seen as bosom buddies today, a clean break from decades of hostility. Nitish is reduced to a tragic figure, compromising on everything he ever stood for. Forces deemed evil by Nitish sit next to him today.

Samajwadi party has already broken ranks and will fight the elections on their own strength. There were disputes regarding the allocation of seats and Mulayam Singh Yadav believed SP was getting a raw deal. Obviously. Every member of the so-called ‘Janata Parivaar’ wants the most number of seats to contest from, but every one cannot have it.

Their claim that arithmetically there is no chance in hell that the combine of JD (U), RJD, and the Congress would lose to BJP, could be a delusion. Historically speaking, whenever a grand alliance is formed against one single force, that very force comes up dominant. Did it not happen in the 1970s? Every party came together to block Indira Gandhi, but she prevailed. These are similar circumstances.


While the BJP speaks of development, governance and the future, Nitish-led coalition talks only about how Modi is bad news for Bihar. Instead of indulging in constructive politics, the band of desperate, volatile brothers are tarnishing Modi’s image.

This is empty-headed politics, devoid of any substance. It may work, but not before it has exposed Nitish’s bankruptcy of productive political ideas. It’s politics of hate, politics of grabbing power at any cost.

The condition is ripe for caste-based politics. RJD and the Congress have exercised secularism, claimed to champion it, only to keep the minorities prisoner of fear! Don’t give them the chance to think about jobs and development, just give them the assurance that they will be kept safe from the communal forces and riots, a minorities’ greatest fear!


They fell for Lalu Yadav’s deception for the longest time. They can see through it now.

Bihar’s BJP CM candidate? Statistics say don’t announce!

Since BJP’s unprecedented victory in the Lok Sabha in 2014, five States have gone to the polls. It emerged victorious in Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand. In Jammu & Kashmir, BJP came a close second. In all the five cases, the party did not project any CM face. Narendra Modi was clearly BJP’s trump card and they did not shy away from putting him in the front. It worked, and if it is not broken, why fix it?

When the party did things differently in the Delhi elections, it failed. BJP announced Kiran Bedi’s name and the move nearly decimated the party, leaving it with only three MLAs.


Announcement of CM candidate at this juncture could intensify factionalism in the state unit of the BJP. There are several factions – upper castes versus backwards and further divisions even among the upper castes and the backwards, and the Dalits. With not much time left, the party can do without unnecessary confusion and divisions.

After all, it’s a make or break election for both the sides.

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