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There is danger shadowing Narendra Modi, but Congress can’t seem to rise above its dislike for the nation’s Prime Minister.

The world is a much scarier place today than it has ever been. With the alarming bells of terror ringing every now and then across the globe, we live in constant fear of death and destruction. I recall the horrific tale of PM Narendra Modi’s speech at the Pragati Maidan, bathed in blood from the bomb blasts targeted to kill him. The applauding shouts of people were suddenly seen turning into screaming moans, a living nightmare.


While the world is still reeling from the Paris massacre, the sinister plot for yet another ghastly attack on Modi has already been uncovered by the joint operation of Intelligence Bureau and Delhi Police. Before any untoward incident could take place, two terrorists from Kashmir have been arrested. More hardcore LeT militants are yet to be nabbed. These elite killers were able to sneak into Kashmir from Pakistan, and that’s worrisome. It is also silly that the opposition parties detest the ruling NDA alliance to the extent that they decided to go against the national interests.


Congress Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar’s unwarranted comments on the Pakistani channel that unless Modi is removed, bilateral talks could not go forward, is a shocking. At such times, India needs to stay united, leave political differences aside. Modi is Mani Shankar’s Prime Minister, too, and on foreign platform, should have backed him. Unless Congress and the others rise above the occasion, India can never be a strong force, always susceptible to outside influence and attack. But that’s the tragedy of our nation.


This critical situation requires special undercover forces to be deployed to tackle such threats to India’s security. There are already many dangers lurking, like the ISIS and its intentions to breach India, and now Al-Qaeda’s support to Lashkar-e-Taiba. Internal political strife between all parties could spell doomsday for our nation.

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