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How many more sexual slaves like Damini McNaught engaged by Pakistan’s ISI? ‘Facebook request’ is the easiest way to tarp somebody!

Nuclear-armed Pakistan can’t seem to get over its penchant for embarrassing itself. The country keeps coming back with its diabolical, cut-throat streak, even when there is no competition. India trumps Pakistan in every sphere and that has never gone down well with our neighbours.


Pakistan’s latest instalment of desperation has killed a family’s dream. Aircraftsman KK Ranjith has plummeted, and with him, his family. Distraught and powerless, they may never rise again. We can fault Ranjith for being sex-starved, but aren’t most of us, really? Don’t we all fall prey to women’s charm, especially if they happen to be beautiful strangers? What Ranjith did was so wrong, but it could be a case of human frailty.

According to media reports, Ranjith was first fascinated, and then ensnared by a low-life ISI-recruit Damini McNaught, whom he met on Facebook. Ranjith had received a Facebook friend request from the lady soon after he posted his profile picture in uniform on the social networking website. McNaught masqueraded as an editor with a top UK magazine and sweetly pushed Ranjith to assist them as a defence analyst with the promise of huge rewards.


Former Air force man Ranjith was unconscious of the deadly fact that he had become a pawn in the hands of Pakistan ISI’s pan-India spy network. And poor chap was paid merely 35, 000 for the passing of sensitive information, when he could have easily asked for 35 lakhs. ISI would have paid. Ranjith shouldn’t have gotten in, in the first place. India’s national interest is bigger than sex and money… but when he did, he should have been smart enough to milk Damini for so much more.

His instructions were to specificity mark vital installations in Bhatinda using Google satellite maps. Poor Ranjith, felled by Damini’s prospective bodily promises, even highlighted high-rises from where the Air Force base is observable. He damaged much more in over a year of his entrapment. We should punish Ranjith for his weakness, but we also shouldn’t leave ISI’s hazardous designs only in the hands of bilateral talkers, who are only good at adopting courtesy and etiquettes during closed-door hi-tea.


Ranjith is in our hands, under our control, we can punish him with anything we want. ISI is not. They are mavericks of the worst kind and aren’t being dealt with the way a China, USA, or Israel would. When threatened, they get in and get out with results. They deal with international outcry of “how dare you trespass” later. For them, national interests and sentiments come first. ISI is trying to con our fellow brothers for Pakistan’s wicked interests. I say how dare they?

The danger is still at large. The Special Cell that is investigating the matter believes several other defense personels may have also been fooled by the ISI modus-operandi. The Pakistani spy agencies have hired educated women with British accent whom they use to honey-trap these defence personnel in order to get sensitive information out of them, the investigators believe.


Poor ‘honey trap’ women, too. Who knows what else they are forced to endure? Illicit sexual relationships with ISI top brass? Like Damini, there must be many more who are sexual slaves to Pakistan’s ISI.

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