Cracking the whip: By suspending 25 rowdy MPs, the Speaker marked the beginning of Congress’ end!

They should have seen it coming!

The egotistical manner in which the Congress party has brought the parliament down to its knees reflects its troubled state of mind. Life in the opposition has become extremely uncomfortable for the Gandhis. They are getting sores, and its painful. With a decade of rule and its benefits now suddenly gone, sitting as inconsequential members in the parliament is hard to adapt to.

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Infamous for crossing the line of parliamentary protocols, 25 Congress MPs were rightfully suspended by the Lok Sabha Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan, for their rowdy and unparliamentary behaviours, recently. Their confrontational attitude, right in the middle of the well of the house, was ugly and shameful.

The Congress party may have realised that unless it goes all out, resurrection would be a distant dream. The party is disintegrating and there are whispers that suggest a growing rift between the Sonia and the Rahul camp within the party.

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Guided by the undeveloped mind of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leaders have been protesting outside the parliament for weeks now, demanding the resignations of Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje Scindia for their alleged roles in helping Lalit Modi take care of his cancer-stricken wife, and Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan for Vyapam.

‘Impropriety’ is the word the Congress is using to attack Sushma Swaraj. They are asking Sushma to take moral high ground and resign.

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Sushma’s biggest blunder, perhaps, was to expect her actions to be construed as purely humanitarian. Perhaps, if she had known that her charitable gesture would be misconstrued, she would have acted differently. There was no financial transaction, no leniency offered to Lalit Modi with respect to the economic offense cases against the former IPL chairman, now a fugitive living in London. She did not influence any investigating agency to go soft on him. She simply put in word with the UK authorities, saying India didn’t have a problem with Modi visiting his ill wife in Portugal.

Because no law has been broken, the Congress party is ill-equipped to debate inside the parliament. They have nothing to charge Sushma Swaraj with. A simple humanitarian gesture cannot be the ground for demanding resignations. The parliamanet logjam is into its third week, but there is no letting up.

Someone senior and experienced, like Shashi Tharoor and Mani Shankar Aiyar, should teach Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi political etiquettes. With a black-arm band, rolled up sleeves and an aggressive deeanour, Rahul Gandhi clearly charged the minister with taking bribe from Lalit Modi. He did so without producing any evidence.

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Such irresponsible statements about senior politicians will only alienate the public from the crown prince. Educated and thinking people easily see through the theatrics of Rahul Gandhi.

The kind of politics on display has put India to shame.

Why would the Congress not debate? Why do you want to take the fight to the streets? The Narendra Modi-led Government has already accepted Congress’ inputs on the land bill, they have also, time and again, implored the opposition to come and debate in the parliament, but to no avail!

If all 18 working days of this short session are disrupted, an estimated Rs. 35 crore of the taxpayer’s money will be lost. Each minute of Parliament in session costs approximately Rs. 29,000.  The Congress is insensitive to this and it could pay a heavy price when elections come.

When Sumitra Mahajan suspended the errant MPs, Sonia Gandhi described it as  ‘black day’ for the Indian democracy. She conveniently forgot that Speaker Meira Kumar, under the United Progressive Alliance, had in 2013 suspended 12 MPs (four from the Telugu Desam Party and eight from the INC) for five sittings for disrupting Parliament. That same year, she again suspended nine MPs (four from the TDP and five from the INCs) for the same reason under the same rule.

The Aam Aadmi Party in May had used marshals to evict a BJP member of the Delhi assembly because the Speaker of the House concluded that the lone member was disrupting the proceedings.

Congress and the others must explain their behaviour first. Condemning the Speaker for invoking Rule 374 (A) of parliamentary proceedings for automatic suspension of 25 identified MPs from the INC has no substance.

Instead of wasting time on personal rivalry, both the BJP and the Congress should use it constructively to address the more pressing issues. There are flood situations in the country which has displaced hundreds of families. The Gurdaspur attack has once again exposed India’s vulnerability to such deadly attacks. We should discuss these issues, not irresponsibly make resignations a national issue.

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