Corruption in Delhi Police will continue to thrive despite sting operations. Solution lies in securing the cop, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal!

When it comes to smelling corruption, Arvind Kejriwal is a hound. The Delhi chief minister has focused his energy towards unearthing corruption in the rank and file of the Delhi Police after recent survey suggested that they have the most number of crooked officials.


Out to prove a point, police commissioner BS Bassi has declared that whoever catches corrupt police officers while accepting bribe, will be rewarded with Rs 25,000. As proof, one must show a video or an audio clip of the cop involved in dishonesty. Weeding out corruption can be possible only if the public points in the direction of the erring official.

Both Kejriwal and Bassi are encouraging citizens to indulge in sting operations. While such an operation might prove to be helpful in some cases, where the sting operator safely gets away, it has the potential to spread anarchy on the streets. There are more than enough number of people out there who believe they were born to be a spy… or something similar like catching cops in the act. There is also this fear of entrapment. People could misuse their mandate.


Tragically, it has become personal between the CM and the Commissioner. The top cop is upset with Kejriwal for blaming the department everytime a mishap occurs. Overcome with emotion, Bassi also said that he will resign immediately if he is proved corrupt.

One of the proven ways to minimize corruption is to provide better care to the fraternity. Unlike their army counterpart, the Delhi Police enjoys minimal perks. They are required to be prepared for call of duty at any moment of day or night. They go without break at a stretch, putting in long hours and toiling to make our lives easier even during rain, sun cold or any other weather condition. Their children should get good education, housing should be provided, medical allowances should be such that it takes away their forced need to go astray.


Most cops say they take bribes now and then because they don’t have any option. Their salary and other related perks and incentives are not enough to sustain a family, let alone fulfilling the needs of wives and children.

When you secure them, when you give them their worth, chances are that they will remain honest. There will still be those who go for more, but largely, the cases in corruption should drastically come down.

In India, rapes are happening not because the police department is not vigilant enough! They are happening on such a larger scale because people know that the whole police department is tied with the shackles of rules and regulations laid by the government. They can’t go beyond orders to save their job  and position. As a result, mindless people rule the roads.


In any case, the methods championed by Keriwal and Bassi can never work, it is faulty and not well thought out. Even if the authorities are able to catch and suspend corrupt officials, more will emerge as replacements, ready to do the same. It’s a vicious cycle and there is only one reasonable solution.

Empower them with the feeling of security and there is a very good chance of proper conduct.

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