CM Fadnavis, Maharashtra shouldn’t need an 8-yr-old girl’s piggy bank to fund farmers’ treatment!

A compassionate eight-year-old Nagpur girl, Rashika Joshi, met Maharashtra chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, and donated her piggy bank savings for the chief minister relief fund for the drought-affected farmers in the State.


Let’s admit it, it was a slap on the face of the Government machinery which has disastrously failed in its duty to ensure that the ill-fated farmers are compensated for the great loss they are suffering. Farmer suicide is on the high because the Government has been ineffective in containing it through initiatives and action.

That a little girl had to step in is definitely a heart-melting gesture, but it is more appalling!

The plight of farmers has always been a matter of grave concern in the region, but the political parties, despite making tall promises during election campaigns, have not taken even a single result-seeking step to improve their troubles, year after year after year!


According to data available on public domain, agriculture and allied sector share 17.01% in GDP and GVA is around of 19.65 lakh crores for the current financial year. In a country whose economy is primarily based on agriculture, farmers are forced to live through deplorable conditions.

There is fund available, lots and lots of it, there is swelling human resource, but there is no willingness. Why waste time on addressing the dis empowered… is that it?


The piggy bank episode should not be handled emotionally, there is no room for that at a time when lives are at stake. It should jerk the Government out of its reverie, and away from the mindset that produces only bans and curbs right to freedom of speech. In his tweet, CM Fadnavis says he was touched with the act of the girl. Hardly. We will know he is touched the day he starts making tangible, measureable difference to the lives of the helpless farmers.

By the way, we hope the Government has returned the little girl’s hard-earned fund. The State doesn’t need it, she does.


It is critical for the Government to get into action. Mumbai is considered to be the financial capital, but the adjoining area, Vidarbh, is crying for water. It is the ugly side of the urban development agenda of the government, which is busy drafting bill to acquire the land from framers, when it should be alleviating their situation. If we continue with the lop-sided agenda of the development, we will see many more Vidarbh regions in India.

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