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BSF jawan’s conspiracy with Pakistan’s ISI is a critical breach! But we shouldn’t panic; he may just be an oddball

The Border Security Force was raised in the wake of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965, on December 1. They had a singular mandate: to ensure, with life, the security of the borders of India during peace time and preventing transnational crime.


So when a member of this community is found hand-in-glove with Pakistan’s ISI, BSF’s sanctity will naturally be questioned. Investigate the espionage racket, understand the inspiration behind the BSF head constable’s decision to betray India, scrutinize how much data has changed hands till date, analyse its significance, and then confront Pakistan with the same…but it would serve to Pakistan’s purpose if we panicked, if we sounded out alarm.


The crime branch of the Delhi Police has once again proved its mettle when it comes to investigative arrests, with their network once again proving to be second to none in the country. After a sustained effort, they finally arrested a suspected handler of the espionage racket, along with a serving personnel of Border Security Force. BSF jawan Abdul Rasheed was the main source for the Pakistan Intelligence Operative (PIO) – Kafaitullah Khan, alias Master Raja (44) – for procuring secret/confidential information damaging to the country.


In another case, three people were arrested by the Kolkata Police’s Special Task Force (STF) today for allegedly spying for Pakistan.

We are already past the time for action. We can at least start now. It is important that the strategy, the tonality of bilateral talks, and overall body language are different this time around. So far, whatever has been the policy and tactic, has failed.