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Belgium might be raising a false ISIS flag to cork the Muslim refugee influx

An Indian techie lost his life in the dastardly Brussels attack that rocked the European nation Belgium last week. As more information on the death of the 30-year-old Infosys engineer Raghavendran Ganeshan was streaming in, another news item took over. An EgyptAir flight has been hijacked by a man wearing a bomb belt.

The flight to Cairo from Alexandria in Egypt was hijacked yesterday morning by a lone man, and landed in Lanarca, Cyprus. About 60 passengers and seven crew members were on the plane, of which four foreign passengers and the entire crew has been left onboard while the other 49 passengers were released in Lanarca.

raghavenra ganeshan
30-year-old Infosys engineer Raghavendran Ganeshan was killed in the Brussels suicide bomb blasts

As reports are coming, there’s an odd twist to the news; apparently, the hijacker has a personal ruse and wants to speak to his separated wife. Although there’s a little respite to know that there is not a terror threat involved, one thing disturbs me. How did the man sneak in the explosives belt through the tight security of the airport?

This is the second incident in a week that puts a big question mark on the airport security of two different continents. It angers me that while we, the masses, can’t get carry our harmless bottles of shampoos and moisturisers, leave alone a sharp and “dangerous object” like a nail-cutter, when we travel by air, terrorists can sneak in everything that they want, and blow up dozens of innocent people in the airport.

Muslim Refugees
Europe is already reeling under the refugee influx. And the terror attacks by ISIS are making the matter worse for the immigrants.

The case of Cyprus is a little different. Although the nation is adjacent to the Middle East, it has been able to keep itself away from any real militant activity for quite many years now. Also, it has no problem of thousands of Muslim refugees streaming into its shores; it doesn’t have to dwell with refugee camp that’s bursting in its seams with overcrowded foreigners.

The flight to Cairo from Alexandria in Egypt was hijacked yesterday morning by a lone man, and landed in Lanarca, Cyprus.

Europe is already reeling under the refugee influx. And the terror attacks by ISIS are making the matter worse for the immigrants. The issue in itself is becoming such a paradox for Europe.

This is best expressed by Belgian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after the Brussels suicide blasts that killed 35 people, and injured 200. Malcolm said, “Recent intelligence indicates ISIL is using the refugee crisis to send operatives into Europe.”

A casual glance at all the recent Islamist militant attacks in Europe has one thing: ISIS. So today’s EgyptAir hijack comes across as a stark contrast that it is not propelled by any religious bigotry of an offended extremist group, but the demented idea of a man.

Brussels, Belgium attacks
In the Brussels suicide blasts last week, 35 people were killed and 200 injured.

Some dissenters are pointing out that Belgium has raised a false ISIS flag in an attempt to stop the refugee immigration. There are certain reports that the initial video released by airport authorities was in fact an old film of the Chechnya attack on a Russian airport. Although it’s preposterous to suggest that a prosperous nation like Belgium would resort to such antics to stop refugees from coming, some people suggest that the nation is banking on the tragedy to camouflage its Islamphobia.

Poland has already taken the cue, and in the aftermath of the Brussels attack, it declared that no refugees accepted. It was as if the authorities were waiting for such an event.

It’s a little difficult to assume that Belgium authorities are trying to hoodwink its people by colouring a national tragedy with terrorism agenda. However, if we consider Poland’s decision, it is not unlikely that such false flags are raised by countries for fulfill its agenda.

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