The battleground is set, let’s see who will conquer the seat of Bihar

The Bihar legislative assembly elections are due in September, 2015, with the tenure of the current Legislative Assembly of Bihar expiring on November 29, 2015. It is pertinent to mention that the JDU and RJD have announced to fight the election jointly under Nitish Kumar’s leadership. The Janta Parivaar is likely to be joined by the others as well – INC, NCP, TMC and Samajwadi Party, in an effort to take on the Narendra Modi-led NDA front.


There is Modi-phobia all around. Leaders like Lalu Prasad Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Kumar appear to be shaken. They are a nervous lot and come across as a bunch of opportunists. These politicians couldn’t stand the sight of each other till just a few months ago. Now, threatened by the prospect of BJP coming to power, they are hurling all kinds of accusations.


There is fear and anxiety among the Janta Parivaar leaders. According to an opinion poll, the alliance between Congress (24), RJD (61) and JDU (42) is set to win 127 seats out of the 243 seats, with the BJP led alliance close enough to be a threat.

Let’s check out a few realities…

  • Modi’s effect in Bihar

About three fourths of the respondents say that there has been development in Bihar in the last one year under Modi government at the Centre. This is more pronounced in the urban respondents.

  • Performance of Nitish

The performance of Nitish Kumar as CM of Bihar has been rated as average and the performance of the Nitish Kumar Government has been lacklustre so far. There is only an illusion of development and crime free atmosphere. In reality, the situation is as bad as it was under Lalu Yadav.


Nitish Kumar is perceived to be avenging his party’s massive defeat in the general elections. He is doing so by pushing Bihar on the brink of no return. JD(U)’s alliance with the RJD, ex-chief minister Jitan Ram Manjhi’s controversial remarks on various issues, spate in crime and growing cases of extortion demands points to the return of “jungle raj”.

The problems of Bihar have been increasing ever since Nitish and Lalu joined hands. The agony of Bihar has been compounded and a rule of terror would be established if the two protagonists of the “jungle raj” joined the government.

  • Modi vs Nitish – Who’s more popular?

Narendra Modi (64%) is perceived as by far the more popular leader in Bihar compared to Nitish Kumar (32%). Nitish Kumar started his innings as chief minister on a high but is ending up on a whimper. His dictatorial attitude has resulted in mass exodus from the party. Many leaders have left the party only to join the opposition.


  • Law and order situation

A majority of people believe that the perception of an improved law and order situation in the State is just a facade. Underneath it lays corruption and more corruption.

The state of Bihar is convulsing with crisis after crisis. The focus is on how two selfish politicians – Lalu and Nitish – have made a pact for their personal survival, not for the greater public good. This could be its biggest mistake!