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Barack Obama’s retirement spoof is a laugh riot. When shall India have such cool, confident leaders?

Have you seen the Obama spoof yet? You have to be living in an isolated island to not have heard or seen this awesome video, featuring the President of America, making himself the butt of jokes while discussing life post his retirement from the White House.

Last weekend, President Barack Obama released a spoof on his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The leader poked fun at his future plans in a spoof video, where he described himself as going from ‘Commander-in-Chief’ to ‘Couch Commander’. Obama is set to leave the White House at the end of the year.

Although the President still has several months to step down from the podium, the man with a funny bone decided to send an answer to all the dissidents who are losing their sleep wondering what he would do after his term gets over.

Right from his ancestry to his kicking the habit of smoking, the video covers it all. Who dares to go the whole way, bringing down oneself in front of the world? The video throws all the decorum of the state head out of the window, and that is what has excited people: seeing their leader as a normal man, who can laugh at his own impending misery, albeit in an over-the-top way.

Keeping some of his foreign policies aside, it will be long before the world will get a cooler President Obama ever. That makes us wonder, is Obama actually doing any work at the moment, or is he just on one long, farewell jolly-up?

Most Presidents try to make every last day in power count, but it looks like Obama is practicing for a new career as stand-up comic rather than trying to secure his future, jet-setting in and around the world, trying to leave an indelible mark.

President hopeful Donald Trump doesn’t need to feature in a spoof. His facial expressions give enough comic relief.

While Obama’s spoof video gets more than 2 million views, we in India wonder if our politicians will be able to mock themselves in such a funny way. Politicians in India hardly think of retiring. Barring a handful, like the exemplary former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the rest go onto build a black empire where their future generations can thrive.

Even small time politicians flaunt power that they do not possess. They openly claim that they have entered politics to loot public money. The less said about the big fish in the game better, for their wealth stashed away in foreign banks is neither exposed, nor questioned.  And for a country that still plays the caste and religion card to influence vote banks, no neta will have the guts to question his origins in a public way.

PM Narendra Modi and Obama have a cool way of connecting to the masses.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an exception though. It’s now become a habit for the PM to refer to his humble roots on public gatherings. He loves to flaunt his past, for he knows that’s how he can touch million hearts. Although the parallel is a little strange, but both these leaders have endeared themselves to the masses with their simple and honest way of connecting people.

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He focuses on social affairs and the dynamics and theory of how people receive and react to different forms of information on a variety of subjects.

He loves exploring hidden beaches in South East Asia, counseling and spending time with recovering addicts. He spends most of his TV time on watching National Geographic and old episodes of ‘Friends’.

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