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Arvind Kejriwal too biased to prosecute Tomar on fake degree charges!

Jitender Singh Tomar, the law minister of Delhi, FAKED his law degree, an RTI reply has disclosed. A Bihar-based university said a provisional certificate AAP minister Tomar used to enrol as a lawyer was fabricated. Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University in Faizabad, and one of its affiliated institutes, the KS Saket Postgraduate College in Ayodhya, said the minister’s B.Sc. second year marksheet was fake and his degree invalid! So much for transparency and honesty, Arvind.


This has dented the so-called clean image of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. His false commitments are now beginning to unravel. Arvind had shouted at the top of his lungs that he will have a zero-tolerance policy for the corrupts and cheats! He had assured Delhi that he would personally conduct due diligence on ministers and members before assigning them berths. How did he miss such a grave matter? Why were the checks and balances not in place?

Arvind too is the “Politician next door” who lies and cheats just to gain publicity and power!.


This is not Arvind’s only bad, AAP’s previous law minister Somnath Bharti too was slammed last year for his ill-advised midnight raid at a south Delhi colony that targeted Nigerian women.


Arvind surely did not fulfil the promises he made and the members of his lean team are as good as him in lying. Feeling neither remorse nor shame, Tomar has rejected opposition calls for his resignation. “A fabricated case based on lies cannot be a reason to resign. My degree is 100 per cent genuine, I have all documents to prove it,” he told reporters. He is lying through his teeth. The universities have said he has a fake degree because they dont have him in their record books. Is it not enough to indict jitender Tomar?

Arvind swept to power with his broom, but he needs to sweep all the dirt in him and his co-existing members to work well.


Other than this, Arvind has also made the procedure of getting SC/ST certificates easier which has created furthermore problems for the law and jurisdiction in the city. There have been recent cases where advocates have also helped people getting fake and fabricated SC/ST certificates, all thanks to our Dear Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.