Arvind Kejriwal and his sexist, racist attack on Shakuntla Gamlin reveals Delhi CM’s mindset!

From time to time, we have been guilty of treating North-eastern people as non-Indians. We have seen cases where northeastern students were beaten up for no rhyme or reason, at least, for nothing that warranted physical violence.

Now, even the Delhi government appears to be exhibiting similar attitude towards people from Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram etc. The Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has gone completely personal on this one. He is fighting against the appointment of the first secretary, Shakuntala Gamlin, who was named by the Lt. Governer, Najeeb Jung. She is not even a long-term appointee, she is only filling in for a colleague on Najeeb Jung’s orders.

Arvind is trying to prove his worth, and ego has kicked in very nicely.

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Arvind Kejriwal is being sexist. He is also defaming her by leveling allegations without substantial proof, irresponsibly claiming that Gamlin has dubious links with BSES discoms. Arvind Kejriwal is simply being a bully, trying to exert his authority to appear in control and in real power. His associates are pressurizing Gamlin, using multiple tactics to scare her off.

Gamlin is currently the power secretary. Why can’t she be named as chief secretary? Why is it that Arvind Kejriwal always wants all decisions to go through him? Does he not know that the chief minister can only make recommendations, it is the authority of the Lt Governer to make the final call, which he did, much to the dislike of Arvind. He cannot expect his nominations to be accepted by Najeeb Jung.

arvind kejrival, arvind kejriwal latest news

Arvind Kejriwal is picking up fights unnecessarily. There is no proof to suggest that Shakuntala Gamlin is serving the interests of power companies. It’s just an allegation. Why he feels so strongly against Gamlin raises another question, a possibility.

Is Arvind Kejriwal scared of something that he doesn’t want Gamlin to know of? Is there something more sinister underneath the whole silly affair? The story is still panning out, but what has emerged clearly is Arvind Kejriwal’s perception of women. He continues to look down upon them. How can we expect a chief minister, who did not include a single woman in his cabinet, to accept a woman as chief secretary? He is simply in line with his principles.

Speaking on tv channels on the issue once again brought out his anarchist face. His attack on Gamlin, which bordered on violating a woman’s dignity, was full of venom. Such adversorial attitude hardly behoves a chief minister.

arvind kejrival, arvind kejriwal latest news

Being a Chief Minister of India’s capital, he should try to unite the states and build strong relations with the other states and cities as well. Unfortunately, he is opposing every other person on his way and he thinks he is doing the job right.

Insulting North Eastern people will cost Arvind Kejriwal dearly in his national ambition. Merely because Kejriwal runs an elected government does not mean that he has overriding powers and can work against the constitution.