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Lone wolf Arvind Kejriwal could be right in calling the CBI raid political vendetta. But he needs to check his language, too!

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is an indomitable man. More often than not, he fights lone battles. He has no permanent political ally and it seems he may not even need one, if you go by way he has taken on the big wigs of Indian politics all by himself, ruffling even Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s feathers from time to time..

Arvind Kejriwal

His latest political fight involves the BJP. There was no prima facie evidence or draft charge against the Delhi government, yet, the Central Bureau of Investigation ransacked the Delhi’s Chief Minister Office with extreme gusto.


The office of a democratically elected chief minister was raided, and not the record department where it is supposed to be, to locate files that dated back to 2002. The probe related to the tenure of 2002 under the administration of the then Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dixit, and it all reeks of political vendetta. Why didn’t the CBI raid Sheila Dixit’s residence? Why is Najeeb Jung exempted from this alleged act of corruption? I would have been glad if this whole CBI raiding was not disguised as a drive to unmask corrupt politicians when it could actually be witch-hunting.

Narendra Modi

At the same time, the choice of words used for the Prime Minister of India by Kejriwal in this context is detestable. Kejriwal is a chief minister and should weigh his words with extreme caution. Calling Modi a ‘coward’ and ‘psychopath’ is unbecoming of a State leader, and demeans the undisputed leader of India.

The CBI, meanwhile, goes and raids the office of principal secretary of the chief minister of Delhi, and says they didn’t raid the CM but an officer in the CMO. That makes no sense. Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar was engaged in many departments, like education, income tax and IT, during his previous tenure, but not a single department was raided.

Arvind Kejriwal

By conducting this raid unilaterally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has yet again given a chance to AAP to question his intentions. They gave him the opportunity to compare him to Adolf Hitler.