Arvind Kejriwal takes easy way out to appease SC and STs. How typical of him!

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, recently announced that the vacant posts reserved for the SC/ST category in the government will soon be filled. He went a step further and proclaimed that the process of making SC/ST’s certificates in Delhi will be made simpler and friendly.

It will appear as if Kejriwal is a crusader for this ignored section of the Indian society, but isn’t he only following on the path of so many others who have spoon fed the scheduled cast and tribes, or at least promised on similar lines? Instead of handing out jobs on a platter, shouldn’t he think about eradicating this discriminatory phenomenon? For decades, the argument has revolved around the ‘unfairness’ that people from the general category face. There have been talks but no one has taken the iniative to educate and empower, to enable the neglected section to rightfully and with dignity claim means of livelihood. Taking the easy way out, these people have become dependent and take their jobs for granted.
To make matters worse, Arvind Kejriwal plans to make the process of issuing certificates simpler. The first thing that will start happening is non-SC/ST people, who prefer ready-made jobs, will start making fake certicates. They get admitted to top colleges and get decent jobs. There are insufficient checks and balances. A great number of people will exploit the situation and use it to their advantage. Although it will be more like a revolution, to start executing the idea of empowering the weak through education and social awareness, it is worth making a beginning.

Teachers can give extra classes to SC/ST and prepare them for entrance exams. They are equally gifted in their own ways, just like the privileged class. They only need to be developed and shaped. Reservations only further weaken the weak. No body will want to work hard for a job because he is guaranteed one without any effort.
The country in undergoing a shift and the timing couldn’t be better to change the age-old system of reservation.

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Abhishek Dinman is an Indian journalist with over 12 years of practice in the media industry. Before setting up The Voice of Nation as a platform for unreserved expressions, he designed content for ESPN STAR Sports. Prior to his stint in sports writing, he was an investigative journalist for ZEE’s India’s Most Wanted’. In school and college, he edited the in-house newsletters.

He focuses on social affairs and the dynamics and theory of how people receive and react to different forms of information on a variety of subjects.

He loves exploring hidden beaches in South East Asia, counseling and spending time with recovering addicts. He spends most of his TV time on watching National Geographic and old episodes of ‘Friends’.

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