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Are Indian lawmakers doing enough to keep their promises to the masses? #Do Your Job

We need more than just lip service from the lawmakers of India. They have had enough time to settle down, and NOW is the time that their actions speak louder than their words. Shifting the blame game is an old trick, and the public want a serious tackling of issues that our honourable ministers had promised when they took over.


Water Minister Uma Bharti had recently told NDTV, that ‘drought is a phenomenon for which it’s pointless to plan in advance’. Well, it’s like saying why have an insurance cover since I drive so well. While we agree that no technology can forecast perfect weather conditions, we can at least have the relief ready, for the drought in Maharashtra is as old as a hat. And blaming the previous Congress-NCP state government irrigation schemes for the water crisis is not music to those thousands of farmers, who are waiting for a miracle to happen.

Madam, Uma Bharti, take a cue from actor Nana Patekar, who’s doing his bit to provide financial help to ailing farmers in Maharashtra without anybody’s help. You being the Union Minister, are capable of much more than this, we are sure!


Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani is a fiery-tongued lady, known for making her opponents jelly with her barbed comments. But will Madame Minister please do something about the education system, from a bottom-up perspective? Obliterating portions of history not deemed fit for young school students can give a very lopsided view of Indian nationalism. Will you please pull up the education board of Rajasthan for removing the name of Nathuram Godse, the man who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, from the Social Studies textbooks? Such ‘curriculum re-structuring’ might not have the desired effect on young minds.


Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh is only trolling himself by saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “God’s gift to India”, while the Congress-led UPA rule stuck to “mere slogans”. Radha Mohan Singhji hardly realizes that he too, is doing the lip service to the masses. The Centre’s crop insurance scheme and soil health cards are really good ideas, but mobile apps and electronic trading platforms for farmers? Isn’t it a really preposterous idea to assume that poor farmers own smartphones and computers to access these ‘hi-tech’ facilities? When the poor land-dwellers are finding it difficult to make month ends meet, to suggest digital help is like a tight slap on their face, well, virtually!


How does Labour & Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya fulfill his duty towards the masses? By announcing that the Prime Minister of India is a pro-development person, and the benefit will of course trickle down to “all consumers of Bharat Mata”. Seriously? Why does the minister have to fire his gun from PM Modi’s shoulder? Is it not his duty to ensure more job avenues for the educated youth of India, who are sitting idle? And he should remember that merely singing paeans of the PM will not make a great minister. We need a minister who delivers, not merely suck up to the boss, for we have heard the PM believes in work, not big words.


Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has been concentrating  an a panic button app for women’s safety. She believes this would be a “game changer”. Or may be not, that’s what we think. Perpetrators might not wait for the victim to fish out the mobile from her pocket or her handbag, and then login to the app, and press that panic button. And going by the way the sarkari websites work, the woman in danger might have to wait for say 5 minutes, before she can tell her family and friends about the situation she is in. Madam Gandhi, we suggest, your department hires better techies who doesn’t take 2 full years to deliver a safety app. Like they say, danger waits for none!


Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has been reiterating time and again that those having illegal foreign accounts will have to face the consequences. He has assured the Income Tax Department has sent notices to those figuring in Panama Papers, as the government has set up a multi-agency group to probe offshore accounts disclosed in Panama Papers. All this is fine, but we hope the black money makers don’t get off the hook, or importantly, the bigger fish are not given a leeway to escape the many loopholes of our Indian law yet again. We shall wait and see how many ‘actual’ perpetrators’ names are disclosed by the government.

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