Apparently, Manmohan Singh’s torture by Congress continues long after his decade-old façade as Prime Minister ended!

I can bet my ancestral property that Manmohan Singh was unceremoniously dragged out of his home to join the ‘protesting bandwagon’. Led by the ageing Sonia Gandhi, and the grossly unsuitable heir-apparent, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party was shouting anti-Government slogans outside the parliament when the 83-year-old former Prime Minister was seen emerging from the background, roughly escorted by the Party’s strongmen.

By adding Manmohan Singh’s face to the anti-Government campaign, Sonia Gandhi strengthened the dissenting voices even more. A former PM definitely adds muscle.


At the moment, the 44-member party is consumed with politics of retribution. Instead of humbly accepting defeat, reflecting, and moving on with constructive participation in running the country, the grand old party of India is behaving in a distasteful manner. The Congress is refusing to do the one thing that the Parliament is meant for – to debate, discuss, argue, counter-argue, and in the end, come down to a conclusion agreeable to most, if not all. Not willing to discuss the contentious issues inside the Parliament not only costs us great deal of money, it also alienates people from such political parties.

There is already a great deal of noise on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, revolving around how Rahul Gandhi is revealing his flaws by behaving irresponsibly, by using derogatory language against the country’s most popular Prime Minister till date, by not maintaining dignity. Intriguingly, they have shown no understanding of what will the ramifications of their conduct be in future elections. Confrontational politics is not looked upon favourably in India these days.

But political issues aside, the way Manmohan Singh has been treated by the Congress over the years makes for a sad story in any cinema.


Still remember the reckless manner in which Rahul Gandhi tore apart the Manmohan Government’s ordnance on convicted criminals. It was brash, extremely disrespectful to the PM of India, and out of place! He could get away with it because he belonged to the Gandhi family.

Dr Singh has borne in silence for 10 years. Constant execution of directives coming directly from 10 Jan path was his daily affair.

After the tearing down of the ordinance incident, he received no support, or a shoulder to lean on. His agony was personal and no one wanted to lighten his burden. It would have meant defiance in the world of Congress.

Only his personal family was behind him. Sometime in late 2013, daughters Daman Singh and Upinder Singh implored their father during a dinner at his 7 Race Course Road residence to leave everything that had to do with the UPA and its politics, and return to teaching. But they knew their father was a very principled man. His response was on expected lines: “I have a responsibility and can’t turn my back on it.”


How could such a man have been dealt such a harsh fate?

They should leave him alone now. Manmohan Singh’s family must request Sonia Gandhi to spare their father in his twilight years. Even if Dr Singh insists upon serving Congress, he should be politely asked to enjoy life away from politics. It is his inherent sense of commitment which would inspire him to carry on in his duties towards Congress… exploiting that pure dedication for personal/party goals only reveals the true character of the party.

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