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Arvind Kejriwal must be happy man after losing this Jung! He can now practice uninterrupted Vipassana

Who rules Delhi? Arvind Kejriwal, of course! And who does the chores of Delhi? Well, it’s the Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, as the Delhi High Court has decided. While some of us would be tsk-tsking in negation, others are laughing at ‘poor’ Kejriwal for becoming a puppet at the hands of Jung.

Does the Delhi High Court’s decision mean that our chief minister will just do nothing? After all, his entire administrative decisions now have to be approved by Jung. That will definitely leave Kejriwal, the man with the fighter spirit, with a lot of time to ruminate about conspiracy theories, all related to him.


That’s right! Because Kejriwal, the AAP chief, doesn’t get along with the state security personnel, or the Delhi Police, and Jung will oversee all his decisions related to Delhi’s upliftment. This leaves him with nothing much to do, except cook up conspiracy theories from the comfort of his chief ministerial bungalow.

Kejriwal has already said that he is scared that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will bump him off. May be in his leisure time, the Delhi CM can think about the various ways in which he could be murdered by PM Modi. Also, he could come up with more videos, where suited-buited in an Adidas sweater, sneakers and muffler, he is spooking Delhiites with horror stories of how Jung has been hatching plots to further suppress him.


Kejriwal, who has changed the way state heads address any issue, which is by staging dharna, can also write great speeches about how he is going to change the face of Goa, Punjab and Gujarat when his party sweeps votes to win majority in the upcoming elections.

And while Kejriwal does all of it and no actual work, we can’t blame him for not being a dutiful minister. He would point a finger to Jung and shrug! Either ways, it’s a win-win situation for Kejriwal, who loves being the cribbing baby, always shrieking when he can’t have his way, and cooking allegations when nobody is paying attention to him.


Alternatively, Kejriwal can take up Vipassana, an ancient meditation technique, promoted by none other than Lord Buddha. This will clear the fog in his mind, and help the Delhi CM see things as they really are.

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