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Ratul Puri Hindustan Powerprojects is a pioneer in providing clean energy to India

Ratul Puri HPPL

World needs renewable sources of energy more than ever today. Eventually we will run out of petrol and it is frightening. The worst part is the fact that we’re not at all prepared to deal with that mayhem. But efforts are being made and a handful of individuals such as Ratul Puri are leading the charge for change. The Chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects Private Limited (HPPPL) looks forward to meet the power needs of humanity.

Ratul’s focus lies largely on thermal, hydro and solar energy projects. With an investment of over $5.6 Billion, he’s made HPPPL the largest solar developer in India. Formerly called Moser Baer Projects Pvt Ltd, HPPPL is the fastest growing power company in India. Their journey began in 2008. In a short span of 6 years, HPPPL managed to earn the “key player” tag  in the energy sector of India. It’s surely a remarkable feat achieved by Ratul Puri, especially at the age of 44.

Ratul puri HPPPL
Hindustan Power is expanding its supply horizon to meet demands

Ratul is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University. He did his graduation, from the Pittsburgh-based global research university, in computer engineering, mathematics and computer science.

Under the leadership of Ratul Puri, Hindustan Powerprojects is expected to arrive at an advanced stage of commissioning more than 5000 MW of electricity by 2020. HPPPL has already set up two hydro projects in Himachal Pradesh with the capacity of 520 MW. The successful establishment pushed the company to incept the first phase of its ambitious 2520 MW thermal power project in Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh. The solar power subsidy of HPPPL, known as Hindustan Cleanenergy, has already commissioned 50 MW capacities. HPPPL is also in the process of harnessing 6100 MW of power using exhaustible and inexhaustible energy sources. These sources will be based in the USA, India, and Europe.

The existing ambitious projects and the ones outlined for future tell us something about Ratul Puri – he’s a real visionary. He might have faced instances of failures and hurdles but as they say, ‘if you haven’t failed yet, you simply haven’t tried anything new and challenging’. The challenges are big for Ratul.

His work hasn’t gone unnoticed, instead, he’s received a lot of appreciation. Ratul Puri bagged the title of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2002. He’s also served as the Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum. Business Today also ranked him among Top 21 young leaders who defined India’s destiny this century in the year 2007. He has also received ‘CEO of the Year’ award by the World Brand Congress for the incredible feat of establishing an asset base worth INR 16,000 crores in only 6 years. Dataquest magazine gave him the ‘Young Brigade in the IT industry’ tag…list is endless.

Ratul, a second-generation entrepreneur aims at achieving a risk-mitigated growth by infusing right technology with secured supply chains and diversified client base. These strategies may seem that of a perfectionist with a clear-cut vision. But this man is also a loving husband to Kavita Puri. The happily-married couple has three kids together – Kaira, Arman and Madhav.

Ratul puri HPPPL
Solar Power is the future

With India ranking third among the top 40 countries with renewable energy, there’s still vast amount of untapped power sources. HPPPL expects an exponential growth in the renewable power generation sector in coming years under Ratul’s leadership.

A ToI report quoted Puri: “This strategy of risk mitigated approach along with the pursuit to comply with all applicable Corporate Governance regulations has allowed us to ramp up our operations even during the globally challenging economic situation.”

If experts are to be believed, world is going to face acute shortage of power in next 10 years or so. We know we’re not prepared for it. Even though there are names like HPPPL that invest heavily in renewable sources of power, but it’s not enough. More power companies must step up in this quest.  Perhaps people like Ratul Puri and their work in this field will inspire more people and organizations to invest in solar, wind and other sources of renewable energy.

Credit: Times Of India