Rape charges on Rahul Gandhi didn’t stick….but we still wonder!

Sifting through various reports on the delivery of justice by our honourable Supreme Court, I stumbled upon a story that concerned Rahul Gandhi and Sukanya Devi. Allegedly, in December 2006, Rahul Gandhi imprisoned Sukanya Devi and raped her along with his friends in Uttar Pradesh. Rahul also detained Sukanya’s parents. Supreme Court dismissed all allegations and slapped defamation charges against the petitioner, an ex SP MLA.

rahul gandhi, sonia gandhi, congrss party

The MLA had filed his petition based on a report in a newspaper, so the Court’s decision to reprimand and slap fines on the MLA, instead of questioning the source of the article, seems not right.

Did the UPA Government play a role in shielding the future PM of India? It is a very logical conclusion, but at the same time, dangerous too. The Supreme Court of India should be above all influence and should remain so for the sake of India’s robust democracy.

rahul gandhi, sonia gandhi, congrss party

I, for one, believe in the institution of our justice system, but I am also forced to question.

‘The National Commission to Review the working of the Constitution’ (NCRWC) has said in its report: ‘Judicial system has not been able to meet even the modest expectations of the society. Its delays and costs are frustrating, its processes slow and uncertain. People are pushed to seek recourse to extra-legal methods for relief. Trial system both on the civil and criminal side has utterly broken down.’ This is an unfortunate take!

rahul gandhi, sonia gandhi, congrss party

Could Rahul Gandhi have done it? Who really knows… Absence of evidence is no proof of somebody’s innocence. Many wrong-doers escape the iron hand of justice because of lack of proof. There are ways, especially if you are influential and are ‘crown prince’. Rahul Gandhi was only 30 then. His sense of righteousness was, perhaps, not in place then. It could be that Rahul Gandhi lost it and was overcome by the heat of the moment.


Supreme Court’s decision may have freed Rahul Gandhi of all charges, but people will still wonder.

Rahul Gandhi was camping at Amethi along with his seven friends, out of which four were foreigners. All of them were boozing. At that time, a girl named Sukanya Devi, 24 years of age and a great follower of the Nehru Gandhi family and a daughter of Congress worker Balram Singh, got a chance to meet Rahul Gandhi. It was an ill-fated meeting.

Rahul and his friends allegedly raped her, one by one, and gave her Rs. 50000/- to keep her mouth shut.

Raul Maino, ‘urf’, Rahul Gandhi, recently emerged from a long absence and there are various theories doing the rounds. Did he go to Thailand to cool off, did he go for introspection? There are people who say Rahul Gandhi has inherited the womanizing ways of his great grandfather, Jawahar Lal Nehru.