Narendra Modi is a real-life hero, don’t make him a reel one!

In India, we have a tendency to elevate our babas, tall political leaders to great levels, to living legend status. While Narendra Modi and his journey is worth taking note of, India may not really want to be distracted from witnessing real change in the political atmosphere of the country. India is absorbed today, in tune with the political scenario. It is combative and interesting. Some real change is taking place and we are all talking about it. There is no need to televise his life and his subsequent rise. At least, not just yet! He has so much to do, so much to prove still. Let’s watch him in real.

Pune-based producer Suresh Chaudhari is producing a serial for Doordarshan, that will put Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the league of emperors like Chandra Gupta Maurya and Ashoka, projecting them as men who have done the oil pressers community proud. Narendra Modi also belongs to the Ghanchi community of oil pressers in Gujarat.
Narendra Modi

While it is very sweet to suggest putting Narendra Modi among the legends, it has no real meaning. The emotional quotient of India being low, such ideas must not be allowed to fester. Prime Minister Modi himself wouldn’t want deitification, not so early in his real political career. The PM has shown desire and the commitment to fulfil promises. He is working insane hours, both on home and foreign soil, strategizing and devising plans to benefit India. His initiatives and various schemes, floated recently, has the potential to elevate the condition of the downtrodden. The Government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi leadership continues to enjoy people’s mandate despite the opposition’s effort to derail his vision.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is automatically gaining cult status. To depict such a man on tv in a serial will only belittle the stature of Narendra Modi. It will reduce him to a caricature and shrink his gravity as a global leader. There are people out there who are eager to be in the good books of Modi, hence they keep coming out with such ideas.

The Prime Minister and his government is under a lot of pressure right now. It is facing extreme opposition and is facing roadblocks at every stage. At such a time, to talk about making a serial on Narendra Modi is in bad taste and shows immaturity on the aprt of suresh Choudhari. The producer talks about the message that the serial will send out, that one should be proud of the community from which Modi has risen. These are all sentimental talks. The community should feel proud of itself by improving and developing themselves, becoming better themselves.

Narendra Modi

Neither the BJP nor its leader, Narendra Modi will benefit from this. The producer should shelve the idea and spend that money on issues of greater importance.