Lady Diana wasn’t satisfied within Royal boundaries. She craved for adventure and paid the price with her life

It was only after a prolonged mental battle that I could write this. I have some serious reservations about Lady Diana, but on an emotional level, I could never have enough of her. She was such a woman of dreams, a mystery which never fully unraveled itself. I have kept all my disillusionments private so far, but writing about it is important now. It’s important for me to fully detach myself from her, so that I can move on. This is in no way an attempt to malign her. No one can malign her, but that shouldn’t stop us from discussing some harsh realities related to her lifestyle that sometimes bordered on ill-mindedness.


Estranged from Charles, Prince of Wales, Lady Diana embarked on a journey that was dangerous and self-destructive, although the seeds of difference were sown as early as the 80s, when Lady Diana struck an axtra-marital love affair with Major James Hewitt. Only after five years of marriage, irreversible difference arose, steering them in different directions. The tape recordings between the Princess and James Gilbey were made available by The Sun newspaper’s hotline in August 1992. The transcripts of taped intimate conversations were also published by the Sun newspaper in Britain in August 1992. Although Prince Charles did go back to her former lover, he maintained his commitment to her, Lady Diana indulged for entirely different reasons.


She settled for 17 millions dollars after divorce in 1996 but she didn’t realise she had no right to publicly sully the royal reputation with undignified stories and pictures of numerous link ups.

Diana dated the respected British-Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. Even that couldn’t fulfil her need for love and some kind of financial security. Her affair with the doctor was short-lived and even before there was closure, she began seeing Dodi Fayed, son of billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. She allowed cameras to follow her and stopped caring about her royal responsibilities that is required even after divorce.

Diana, Prince Charles, Dodi Alfyed, Hasnat Khan

She enjoyed vacations in South of France on Dodi’s private yatch and lost every remaining inhibition by making it easy for photographers to capture imtimitate moments. The images did not befit a royal woman.

Diana, Prince Charles, Dodi Alfyed, Hasnat Khan

Her tragic death a year later in 1997 was mourned worldwide. Everyone was personally attached to her on emotional plane. I really wish she had exercised restraint on some of her public display of personal life. She was a woman who was seeking all kinds of security, just like the all of us. She needed love, money, luxury, fame… this became more important to her than her sense of righteousness. In the comfort of her new found luxury, she forgot where she came from. She didn’t care about the muck it would create around the royal palace.

Diana, Prince Charles, Dodi Alfyed, Hasnat Khan

She should have been bigger than that. Diana has been the idol for millions of women. She should have given something morally more rightheous than that. It was painful to see her go after luxury at the cost of standard decency. Perhaps, she was in love. Maybe she was really secure enough to stop caring. Should she have cared, or was she right in caring only about herself?

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